Sunday, February 21, 2010


Hey all you fun people who follow me! I see that there are 27 people registered on blogger who follow me...and I know some of you but others I don't know! so do me a favor...stop by and say hi...tell me a little about yourself...that way I can track back and read your blogs too! k?

lurking is okay but being friendly is better!!!




Chris H. said...

As you know, I've long enjoyed reading your awesome blog, Jamie - it rocks! I didn't realize I wasn't officially following it, so I fixed that.

Wishing you, Lance, and Judah blessings galore as spring arrives! :)

Cherish said...

Hi! I'm Cherish and I really enjoy your blogs. I really like reading what goes on with you, Judah, and Lance! I am 28 amd I am from Louisiana. I love to blog, read, scrapbook, and hang out with my hubby. I look foward to reading more of your blogs! God bless!

Sarah said...

You know me ;) I am a loud mouth!

Rachel said...

Hi, Jamie!
You know me, but thought I'd respond anyways. I rarely log in, but when I do I follow up on your most recent blogs. I more often than not see your status updates on FB, so I keep up with you there. I miss having you in MN, even though we didn't hang out a lot. You just have great wisdom and insight along with a great attitude and laughter about things.

Jamie Willow said...

@chris I always love hearing from you! It was also a blessing to meet you IRL. you are a good man! nice to meet you!!! thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting to know you better! say hi and comment k? !

@sarah you are so cute :) always love hearing from you, you encourage me so often and give me great ideas on how to be a good mommy! haven't been blogging much, I wish you would! I miss you and MN and so many is good to stay connected, thank heaven for FB :)

Beth said...

Okay - I don't think I'm an official follower, but I wanted to comment and say hi anyway! I check your blog almost daily, official follower or no!


Annie said...

Hi, I'm Andrea (go by annie), not an official follower, but I do check up on your blog. Found it through Ashley's blog. I went to college with her at NCU! (It was me who left the rental house comments... hehe!)

Nice to "meet" you.

* said...

I have the same problem you do. Nobody actually writes anything. Anyway - your blog is great and Judah is suuuuuuper cute!


Jamie Willow said...

@beth love ya girl!

@Annie...any friend of Ashley's is a friend of mine!!! nice to "meet" you too!'ll have your own bundle of joy soon enough to saturate your blog with :) I can't wait! (it is jana right?...brain moment)


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