Friday, February 05, 2010


We do not live in a vacuum. Everything we do somehow effects others.

There is nowhere else this is more obvious than in a marriage.

There were a lot of years where I thought what I did only really effected me. I think it is a lie of the single life.

As my husband deals with some of the things I brought to the marriage and I deal with the things he brought, it is even more obvious to me.
As I think about how I want to raise my son and how I want him to learn and grow into a good man it is even more real and seems so much more important. Probably because he is so innocent.

Some people still buy into the idea that they can do things that don't effect others when they are can see the effects of that thinking ending in divorce and rarely leads to people feeling closer and more trusting. That what they do doesn't matter in the lives of their kids...oh the kids I have seen over the years carrying burdens placed on them by their parents. (kids camp prayer would break your heart to hear the things kids cried to God about...)

So as I try to wrap my mind around the concept that everything...and I mean everything I think, do, say, believe, act on...that everything my husband, to my son, to the friends I love, to my family...I think this filter causes me to want to make better choices. Not because I'm a people pleaser but because I don't want to be a people hurter. (apparently hurter is a word cause spell check didn't give me the red line...)

I have spent a lot of years thinking about legacy. About what I want to leave in the lives of those I love. Now that I am a wife and a mom I think about it even more.


Burkinator said...


Natalie said...

yep everything we do, every decision we make does affect others, especially those closest to us.

Jamie E said...

I always think of that song Generations. This is so true. I have a story for you, maybe if you have time you can call me some late night? It's pretty awesome.

Lindsay said...

i have a little surprise for you on my blog :-)


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