Tuesday, February 02, 2010

sleep freak

I am a sleep freak.

I have to toss this certain way, move my leg that certain way, wiggle twice, twitch once, have my pillow just so, white noise at just a certain level, L's snoring kills my chi so earplugs are handy, blanket must be touching my face, water next to bed in case, bedroom door closed, ceiling fan off, lights out, baby monitor in sight, clock in sight for when baby wakes so I can check it, jammies worn this way, hair pulled back that way, toss this other way, pull my leg over the covers just so...and on and on it goes until maybe, just maybe I fall asleep an hour later.

And some nights even all that doesn't help me.

In high school my mom used to read the bible to me before bed to help my mind wind down. I was even more of a sleep freak then.
In college I built myself into a cocoon of sorts, ran a fan, wore ear plugs and went to sleep after everyone else so I wasn't forced to keep listening to people around me.

I wish I could just fall asleep and stay asleep. It is a trait my husband has that I am completely envious of. For him and being a pilot it is necessary so I am happy for him...but still envious.

Like right now. I did everything I could think of and nadda. I actually felt more awake and energized and annoyed at the air than usual. I don't know why. Either way, Judah will be awake before 7:00am so I will go try again here in a couple minutes.

So tell me, what are your sleep routines and habits? are you a sleep freak like me? or more like my DH?

wishing all my sweet friends sweet dreams :)


Sarah said...

I sleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

It was not always this way. But having four kids has made it impossible to sleep for long stretches.

I taught myself (of of necessity) to sleep. On a good night I am up only once, but on those nights where the children are extra needy? I can be up and down upwards of 8-10 times a night. After I am done tending to them? I can fall right back asleep (only to be woken again an hour later!) so I think it was my body just physically giving into sleep rather than something I trained myself to do....

does that make any sense? LOL

Sorry you are struggling. Have you tried melatonin??

Jamie Willow said...

Sarah...do you know if Melatonin is safe to use while breastfeeding? I totally used it pre pregnancy and baby...it helped me a ton.

And I am usually okay falling back asleep after a middle of the night baby thing...it's just the initial transition to sleep I struggle with...

Mrs. B. said...

I'm a sleep freak too. Your routine sounds a lot like mine. (You're probably more severe though.) :)
Ira falls asleep like a lump and never wakes up.

Sarah said...

Not sure on the melatonin and nursing??? I will see what I can find :)

Burkinator said...

Ah, this brings back watching you try to get comfortable on the mattress on the floor. : ) Orange ears plugs, fan, quilt ...

I'm pretty much out immediately. As soon as Mr. T puts the CPAP mask on and I roll on my left side, it's over. It's probably less than a minute, but if I get less than 6 1/2 hrs, I'm a mess.

O My Blog! said...

I long for stay asleep sleep too. My doc gave me a script last week for Lunesta which I have had before but for some reason, I'm too scared to take it.

I hope you can try to the Melatonin and still bf.

* said...

I am so glad to hear that this is not just me! I have the worst time sleeping. The ER doctor actually gave me a vicodin the other day, and I really didn't want to take it - but he said that one was perfectly safe for the baby . . . so I did, and it was the best night I have had in years . . . years! If you find a solution let me know. I go through fans annually.

Burkinator said...

I made my stupid comment yesterday, then had a hard time sleeping last night. That's what I get ... Also, I find it hard to sleep if Tim and his white noise, anti-snoring machine are gone. It's probably part missing him and part that the sound of the machine has become my cue to sleep.

Jamie E said...

I do not sleep well at home, I have mom ears on, always. I have had to learn how to take naps. It is really hard for me. Good luck!


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