Thursday, March 25, 2010

White Noise

I have never successfully slept a night with out white noise. It blocks out sounds that keep me awake, it creates an atmosphere of peace and the constant hum of white noise lulls me to dream land. White noise is a wonderful thing for sleeping.

The problem is when white noise enters in during times I need to be awake. Like the white noise created on an airplane ride or when you turn on a bathroom fan. I have fallen asleep instantly on an airplane because of it...and I have had a very hard time getting my motor running in the morning because the fan was calling me back to body is just conditioned to associate the white noise with resting.

There is a reason I turn it off in the morning and turn it on right before i go to sleep. If white noise continued beyond when it was intended I would be a very sleepy person.

Time for a metaphor. Can you handle it?

I have been thinking lately about what things in my life create "white noise" and if I am using them at the correct times. The answer for me is media. Media is my white noise. Time spent on the computer, time with the tv on, music in the background of every thing I do so I am not "alone" in silence. The problem is that I think I have been using the white noise too much...and it is effecting my ability to be alert. It is lulling me to "sleep" so to speak. "white noise" in an of itself is great. Media is great. I just need to be better at using it at the correct times.

So I am going to try a few new things. Be more deliberate about when I allow the "white noise" to play. And turning it off when I need to be more alert. In a lot of ways I have already been doing that to a degree. Now I plan to be a little more deliberate. Nothing wrong with having a plan :)

What is your white noise? is it also media? how about sports? or books? or your phone?
Just a little something I have been thinking about the last few days...


Becca Groves said...

This is interesting mom just talked to me all about Oprah's Monday episode about driving with a cell phone. And I know it is dangerous, and I know I've had a few close calls...and suddenly I realized maybe I need to just carve out my drive time as MY time. I use it to connect with everyone, but maybe it's okay to not be SO connected. White noise...just always doing things, crossing things off my list, never just sitting still and single-tasking.

Loved this thoughtful post.

Burkinator said...

First, you would pass out in my office, b/c we have white noise built in to dull ambient noise from cube to cube. I've gotten used to white noise from the CPAP machine. And that might why I'm so sleepy at work. Hmmm.

Second, it's media in general for me. It's gotten to the point that it's normal to surf the net, have music playing and watch tv all at once. It may be a result immersion in media all day through my job. It's hard to flip that switch off after work.

Sarah said...

I love white noise (the kind to sleep with). You post made me think of a few summers ago when we lost power several times during the night. Oh.the.horror.

I was wide awake without the noise and so were the children. Not fun.

I think my white noise is FB, I may need an intervention!!

ladycarmenquixote said...

That's a super interesting comparison... It makes sense though, I turn on my "white nose", media form, when I'm supposed to be working on important but tedious tasks. :\


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