Friday, March 19, 2010

you snooze you lose

Once upon a time I woke up every single day to the harsh beeping of an alarm clock...I would strategically place it across the room so I would "have" to get up. Honestly...I do not remember hitting the snooze button at least the first 2x every morning before consciousness arrived...and even after somewhat conscious I would hit it another 2 or 3 times....the feeling of crawling back into bed after traveling across the room to stop the annoying sound was such a wonderful feeling.

Oh to have a snooze button again.

Now I have a new alarm clock. His name is Judah Byrd Lockhart. He does NOT have a snooze button. And sometimes he goes off in the middle of the night. Sometimes he goes off a couple times in the middle of the night. And guaranteed my little alarm goes off at 8:00am (thank God for daylight used to be 7:00am). I guess in a way I do have a bit of a snooze button with him in the morning...I bring him into bed and nurse him and while he nurses I catch a last couple minutes of shut eye. That is until he sticks his fingers up my nose or tries to pull my lips off...

My old alarm clock wasn't nearly as cute as this one. Nor was it as effective. And it was way more annoying.

I like my new little alarm....even if he doesn't have a snooze button :)

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Sarah said...

I like mine too. He will be your alarm clock for years to come!! All my kids are early risers, but at least I get a lot done :) I laughed at the pulling your lips off- Audry does the sane dang thing. Man that hurts!


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