Sunday, May 09, 2010


I took Judah and went to where Lance has been volunteering. I strapped him in his stroller, gave him lots of snacks and water and parked him under a shady tree in the yard of the home that was being worked on. I was able to take my camera and walk around and attempt to capture some of what I was seeing. One families loss. Multiply it by thousands and you can get a small taste of what life is like in Nashville this week. I will post photo's later this week.

The homeowner, the wife, came up to me and asked me who I was with and I told her I was there to see Lance and asked if it was alright if I took some photo's. She said it was more than fine and proceeded to start crying while talking about how Lance has made all the difference for her and her family during this crisis. She said she would never forget him and would hold him in her heart for as long as she lives. So of course I started crying too.

Her husband was walking around talking a ton of pictures too for insurance. He stopped and talked to me for quite a while. I asked him a lot of questions and he just talked and talked. I think in these situations just having someone to listen to you is huge. It is just to much to process alone on the inside. Beyond just their own loss, someone from the community who had driven onto a bridge that washed away ended up being found in their yard. 21 people have died in this flood. More may be discovered. Even people who have lost all their worldly belongings have perspective because it could have been worse.

Him and his wife both are police officers. They have seen the worst. They have an edge because of it. They were literally facing the prospect of a 28,000$ clean up with needing 10,000$ of it immediately before the process could even start. They didn't have the money for something like that. They were asking themselves how it would even be possible and feeling beyond hopeless when all of a sudden a load of people climbed out of their cars and asked how they could help. The husband shared with me that he was shocked and asked how they knew about him, "how did you know I needed help?" and the volunteers just said "your name was on a list...what can we do?". Two days later the house was stripped down to the studs. Ready for the next phase and they had time to do things like dry out baby pictures and try to salvage a few things, like the husbands fathers service flag and other things you can never replace.

My dear sweet husband literally poured himself out for a couple days doing hard manual labor and it was more than that. It was a helping hand to people who were at their lowest point in every regard. High emotions. Grief. Loss. Tears. It was an investment into hope and healing.

We made a decision to postpone visits to our families that we had planned, have been planning for a long time. We are needed here right now. It is overwhelming if you look at the whole big picture, but if you look at each situation and dig in and help you can make a difference. Our church helped 256 houses...countless people...this week. I have no idea how many houses total were lost but 256 of those families were invested in this week. I pray that the number only increases.

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