Friday, May 14, 2010


I sat on my porch and looked at our rose trees. I thought they looked so beautiful and full. I rocked in the porch rocking chair and admired their beauty while pushing our son on his swing.

My husband sat on the porch and looked at our rose trees. He thought they looked full and like they might pull the trees over and snap the trunk. He stood up and pulled out the pruners and went for the bushes with a purpose and a mission wondering why I hadn't noticed that they were so full.

My husband stood back and admired the newly pruned rose trees, pleased that they were not going to be ruined or broken.

I stood back wondering why he left the beautiful blooms laying on the ground when we had perfectly good vases in the house.

It is amazing to me how different he and I see things. But it is a good thing. In the end he pruned the roses and I gathered the fallen flowers and brought them inside. I filled up several vases and enjoyed their beauty on the inside.

I'd say it was good team work in the end. That is part of the beauty of having more than one perspective.


Lyndee said...

I do try to see the other person's perspective. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand them but over time I can accept their slant on life as theirs. Teamwork is truly a mystery but when it works it is very good and I think giving each other grace or lots of forgiveness is the key!

Jamie E said...

And think of how much more beautiful the blooms will be next year. A little pruning goes a long way....


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