Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More than you wanted to know: Swagbucks

So Swagbucks...here's what I do...

Swagbucks is basically a search engine where you win stuff...

*I update this blog post, I originally posted it about a month ago...this is what I currently know! hope it helps!

1. The search engine is available on the swagbucks home page and on the tool bar. I search every day in the morning and in the evening...I don't always win twice in one day but often times I do if I space out my searching. I try to actually search things I need...like my yahoo email or facebook or if I am looking up trivia etc. It is not the best search engine but it is nice because it brings up different things than google and sometimes that is helpful. The few times I have tried to just search until I win something I have accidentally "over searched" and they ban you from using the search engine for a few hours...so try to search "naturally".
*if you use the tool bar, once a day you are credited anywhere from 1-4 swagbucks just for using it.

2. Every day I go to "Special Offers" and click on the little No Obligations Offers banner and then "skip" all the ads...this will earn you 2 or 3 sb (swagbucks) every day. You can only do it once a day.

3. Also if you go to "Special Offers" sometimes on Wall 2 there are video's you can watch to win easy sb. These come and go. The Video's on Wall 2 only credit you swagbucks once. On the Swagbucks home page there is a special offer section and every day there are video's to watch, these you can watch over and over until they disappear. And they will re-appear every day or so so keep checking. I check for them daily just in case.
You can participate in the actual special offers if you want...I have done a couple for things I actually was already planning to sign up for and earned a few sb's. But I hear from other sb users that some of them carry virus issues or don't credit the sb's...so it is a little risky. Pretty much the general rule is don't download anything. And if you have an "extra" email account for using for things you don't want to clutter up your regular email, use it for these special offers.

4. Codes are sometimes available...it is important to know you are not allowed to post or share a code with someone else...it can get your account deactivated. A lot of the codes are time sensitive and they change every 15 seconds so you have to copy and paste them quickly or they will appear to not work...just refresh and get the newest code and you will be fine. (Hope that makes sense) This keeps people from emailing or posting them, etc.

5. Codes are available via...Twitter, the Blog, the swidget, in the tool bar(From TSG messages) or on the Facebook fan page. Usually I check the fan page first because you will see lots of people saying "Thank you TSG" (TSG is The Swag Guy) Also, if you have the swidget you can check it and it will give you hints as to where to look for the codes. You are allowed to give your sb friends hints to find the codes...just don't tell them the actual code.

6. Download the Tool Bar. I should have put this first. It makes doing everything else very easy. Plus you earn anywhere from 1-4 sb every day when you use it. There is an icon that says "From TSG" and this is another spot codes appear...TSG puts emails into this inbox once in a while. The Tool Bar also makes it easy to shortcut to get to pretty much everything else sb related.

7. Referrals are a great way to earn sb. Every referral you get that is active is a great thing! You get a 100% match on their points from all of their searches up to 1000sb. You don't get the sb from their codes and other things, just their searches...but if they are active users then they will add to your total which is great!

8. You can also do facebook connect between Swagbucks and facebook...that way when you do something on sb you can let your friends know. You then have to post your referral link as a comment on each post...that will help you get more friends to sign up hopefully :) Your referral link is located on the "Promote" page.

9. There is also a Shop and Earn feature...basically if you go through Swagbucks to get to the online stores you were already going to shop at, you earn 2sb for every 1$ you spend. It has a ton of stores that participate...I am guessing this is the whole reason this site even exists...but what do I know.

10. Why do all of this?! To earn prizes of course! I personally am trying to earn Amazon gift cards. So far I have earned 85$ of real money on amazon...and I've been doing this for about 3 months so far. So not bad. With prizes, you can redeem two of the same prize in one day...5 of the same prize in one month. This really only matters if you are raking in the sb's...I'll let ya know if I ever get to that point. ha!

So there ya go...that is what I know...I'm sure there is more to learn...but for now that is probably enough :) If you want to join Swagbucks then please sign up by clicking on one of the links in this blog...that way you are one of my referrals...and then tell others about it so you can get some referrals too!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Dreams are free, so free your dreams. ~Astrid Alauda

I am about to free some of my dreams...or at least start pursuing one of them...it may take me a couple years for it to be realized but I am inspired.

I have had a love for photography and photo journalism type things for a very very long time...It is time to take it to a new level. Now I just need to figure out how to go about it :)

minor details...ahem...

anyhow...I guess that's all she wrote! TTFN :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Thank you God!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wanna know what I had for dinner tonight?! I know you do! head on over to Dishcraft and see :) and feel free to be jealous...and leave a comment or 3...lol...

on another note, I was able to chat on the phone with one of my besties for 1 1/2 hrs tonight...i love her...i love my phone...i love guacamole...oh wait, guacamole is what I had for dinner ;-) I got all confused...so much good going on all at once :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sista Sista

My sister Jessi Lynn and her side kick Sarah Peacock are heading to Wisconsin tomorrow. I helped them take some photos for a poster they are using for some gigs coming up in the near future. The first one was my favorite. I think they may use it. The second one is fun but not enough white space...

My little Judah Byrd said "Hi Jessi" twice in the last two days. He loves his auntie Jessi. He gets downright giddy when he sees her. It is super cute. I am really going to miss having her around. She will be enjoyed by lots of other people who also love her up in Wisconsin...so at least that is good. It has been fun while it's lasted :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dishcraft Time!

Hop on over to Dishcraft and see the recipe I just posted! And several of the other girls also posted some DE-LISH looking meals...in fact I am making one of them today for our dinner...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I have a 1 year old! oh my!

How do you express in words the thing that is deeper than deep.

The love for a child.

For your own child.

I see him smile and my heart grows. I hear him babble and see him wiggle and my heart melts. When he snuggles up to me I feel like my heart has wings.

He turned 1 today.

They say 1 is the loneliest number..but I say it's the cutest :)

The joy I feel for the life he has already lived is more than I can measure. I am proud to be his mommy. I am honored to share my life with him. I am hopeful that he will one day know the love of God in a way that will shape him into a great man.

I wish I could bottle up his sweetness. I'm sure I'm getting close to capturing some of it in the photo's.

Judah Budah you're so cuttah! :)

jc penny photo shoot fun!

Monday, April 12, 2010

britt photo shoot

my husband took this picture, I am the one holding Britt :)

I just wanted to post these while they were fresh...I took a bunch of cute pics of my new nephew and played around with a couple of them...what do you think? like? dislike? (of course baby love is cute...I'm asking more about the shots and the colors, etc)

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

baby love

Heading to St.Louis tomorrow to visit my darling new nephew, Britt Jackson, and of course his family too :) I can't wait to kiss his little cheek and take a million pictures of him!

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter in Pictures

Easter Tulips...don't ya wanna kiss those two lips?

Lame Easter Egg hunt mom...golly...maybe tomorrow will be better...

The easter Bunny showed up with goodies!

Now this is a fun egg hunt...

look, my egg is floating mid air! a little easter magic :)

handsome baby bunny

walking around looking for eggs!

my fun auntie helped me hunt eggs!

easter dinner with grrrrreat friends!!!

Baby J had some easter dinner too!

The first egg hunt of the day was so fun, we came home and had another!

Mommy loves her funny bunny!

Auntie blows big bubbles!

hey! there's candy in here!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hoppy day before Easter!

I know this holiday isn't about bunnies and candy and stuff but man it sure is cute and what a great way to celebrate "Spring" and "A fresh start".


Friday, April 02, 2010

My Soaring Boy!

You are a human boy, my young friend,
A human boy.
O glorious to be a human boy!
O running stream of sparkling joy
To be a soaring human boy!

-Charles Dickens


So we are a Pampers family ALL the way. Love them so much. I joined the pampers village and started entering Gift to Grow points listed on each package of pampers. Today I finally redeemed the points I earned for a 10$ starbucks gift card. Yipee!!!!!

If you are a pampers mom and aren't doing Gift to Grow you need to! it is such a simple process and you get free stuff! If you don't want the hassle feel free to give me your codes :) lol. I have no idea if that is legal but it sounds good :)

In the meantime, if you want to sign up, use this link so I can get some referral credit for your signing up...and then create your own referral link and get your friends to join! sweet! Can't wait to have a free starbucks and think how buying diapers has made that possible :) lol. maybe I won't think about that so much during the coffee itself...just for the paying for it with a gift card part. lol.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

How I coupon..

I use the Grocery Game (GG) and I pay 15$ every two months to get "the list" for two different stores in my area. One of which is Harris Teeter-they have the best best best coupon policies and deals. I also shop at Kroger because it is right across the street and sometimes I only have time to go that far for what I need. Their coupon policies are okay, not great but okay.
My SIL tried to use GG in St.Louis and it wasn't really a great deal there cause her grocery stores didn't have good coupon policies :(
*the list will tell you what your local stores policies are. or you can ask around.

The List:
Basically a break down of everything that is on sale...next to the item is the original price, the sale price, what coupon you can use and where to find it, the percentage saved and your final cost per item.

I like GG because it tells me what is on sale and what coupon to use with it. I get all the coupons from the Sunday paper inserts. (RedPlum, Smart Source, Procter & Gamble, General Mills) There are different inserts every week and on the binding of the inserts is that weeks date, it is super super teeny tiny but it is there. I file the inserts by date (no clipping ahead of time) and then when the list tells me a coupon is available for something on a certain date, I pull the insert out and clip the coupon. Besides ordering the sunday paper delivered to our home, I also pick one up for .50cents during the week...that way i always have a couple copies of each coupon...this comes in handy when you want to stockpile on certain items.

GG does a 5 week trial if you want to try it before deciding if it works in your area. When I did the trial I tried like 5 stores and then when it was time to start paying I picked the best 2 and went with them. (10$ the first list and 5$ for every other list)
(If you do sign up based off of this blog would you use me as a referral please? GG will ask you for the email of the person who told you about it...my email is jwillowb@yahoo.com)

A lot of people ask me if I buy stuff I "normally" would buy. The answer is "kinda". I normally buy Sour Cream. This week Daisy Sour cream was .17cents. I might have bought a different brand "normally" but I try not to be brand loyal so this week's sour cream might be different than the brand I buy next week.
I don't buy really cheap cat food just because it's 90% off. That would be silly, I don't have a cat.

I have tried a lot of new things because of the GG. I might not have "normally" purchased these items but only because I didn't know about them. Some things I won't buy again because I didn't end up liking them...but for less than a dollar to try something new...it is worth it. I have found lots of new things I like because of couponing.

This past week...here is what I did with the GG's help...

I shopped at Harris Teeter. This week was triple coupons at HT... HT only allows you to double/triple 20 coupons in one day...so I used my Vic Card and my sisters Vic Card and shopped at several stores over the course of 2 days. Sounds complicated but really it wasn't. They only double up to .99cents...so if you have a coupon for $1.00 or more then it's only worth that amount...

I purchased $652.35 worth of groceries. I paid $184.75. That is a $467.60 worth of savings. For the purists who think getting things on "sale" doesn't count as savings (eyes rolling) I actually used $292.92 worth of coupons and $174.68 was store sales. Any way you slice it I saved a TON. Before I shopped GG I didn't even really shop sales, I just bought what looked good. So for our family the coupons and the sales are both very real savings.

Here are some photo's of what all I got this week...just so you can see I bought "normal" types of items. I will say, I wouldn't have gotten so much hamburger helper normally but it was all FREE..I didn't even pay 1cent for it. This is the kind of thing that even if MY family doesn't use, I can easily donate to a food shelf...

Hope this makes sense and possibly inspires you!


So Much to Love

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