Monday, May 31, 2010

Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad. ~Norm Papernick

A tradition...

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom. ~Marcel Proust

Saturday, May 22, 2010

my mom would be so proud

I hate the idea of being horrified into making a decision. Which is what I think a lot of the latest movies and books try to do...there may be some nuggets of education mixed in but not enough for me to sit through and feel manipulated...just my humble opinion as i am seeing this issue of food becoming a "hot topic". My mom has been getting on me to watch some documentaries and tv shows about meat and I just flat out told her I was not interested and to quit talking to me about it. I was probably a little rude. Others have also tried to get me to watch these movies and read these books and such...I just couldn't get into it.

So time to eat my words. lol. sorry mom!!! just keep will be so proud...

One of the girls from my moms bible study is doing a Veggie CSA (community supported agriculture) and she is going to be out of town for a few weeks this summer and offered her weeks worth of veggies for free to whoever of us wanted it, so I signed up for a week. It got me thinking that maybe she would know of a place to do something similar with meat...because as much as I don't indulge in the topic I am aware of it.

One of the other girls in the group also replied to the email about doing a week of the veggies and then asked if any of us were interested in sharing a meat CSA membership. This was last week. I said that I was interested and what did she know about it. By the end of the day she had emailed me with a whole plan for it but the deadline was the next day. It is 600$ for a 6 month commitment, we'd pay half and get half the around 10-11 lbs of meat for each family each month.

I didn't know what Lance would think since we have NEVER talked about it, but I shot him an email and he called me early the next morning and said he thought it was a great idea, his family did it when he was growing up and he is all about it. which I thought was funny cause I had no idea. the things we learn about our spouses every day

So I called my friend and we worked it out where she would pick the meat up each month (local delivery at one of the farmers markets), although this month I did the pick up since she was out of town.

So here I go being all trendy and stuff...I am also going to maybe figure out about doing the veggie one next time around. I like the idea of all this clean eating and supporting local agriculture. And I feel like I'm making an informed decision and a good choice for us and it was not because I watched something like Super Size Me (I still eat at McDonalds every so often...)

Here's the place we are using. It's called Peaceful Pastures. How cute is that?

When I picked the meat up today they also gave me a bar of homemade soap and a dozen eggs. I could get used to this ;-)

Now to figure out how to cook'll let ya know how it goes...

Thursday, May 20, 2010

the crying photographer

did I just take a burry picture or was that my tear filled eyes?

I spent the last 3 days with my friend Kristen following the BGEA chaplains around the devastated neighborhoods. They were talking with people, praying with people, listening to people, hugging on people, encouraging people and whatever else was needed. I was following them around and trying not to invade the moment but to somehow capture it.

Not sure it is possible for me to walk into someone else's pain, loss and devastation and NOT cry. Maybe not the best trait in someone who is supposed to be taking pictures and looking through a lens capturing the moment...I held it together for the most part but there were moments.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I sat on my porch and looked at our rose trees. I thought they looked so beautiful and full. I rocked in the porch rocking chair and admired their beauty while pushing our son on his swing.

My husband sat on the porch and looked at our rose trees. He thought they looked full and like they might pull the trees over and snap the trunk. He stood up and pulled out the pruners and went for the bushes with a purpose and a mission wondering why I hadn't noticed that they were so full.

My husband stood back and admired the newly pruned rose trees, pleased that they were not going to be ruined or broken.

I stood back wondering why he left the beautiful blooms laying on the ground when we had perfectly good vases in the house.

It is amazing to me how different he and I see things. But it is a good thing. In the end he pruned the roses and I gathered the fallen flowers and brought them inside. I filled up several vases and enjoyed their beauty on the inside.

I'd say it was good team work in the end. That is part of the beauty of having more than one perspective.

baby twister

you put your left leg over his chest, put your right arm over his leg, put your right leg up to block his other kicking leg, use your left arm to attempt to put a diaper on a wiggling child. that's how you play the game. those silly potatoes are doing it all wrong...


you cannot compare loss.

I have seen people try.

"those people only lost their guitars"

"those people only lost their homes"

"those people only lost their car"

"those people only lost a job"

"those people only lost their life savings"

"those people only lost...."

there is no "only lost..." when it comes to loss. each loss is personal. each loss is felt by someone. each someone matters.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

a taste

So I was going to go thru and post all the flood photo's I took...only problem is I took WAY to many. And then I was going to pear it down and I had over 60...that is just to many photo's for a blog. So if you aren't already my facebook friend, friend me and you can look thru my albums. OR...and I am a little happy about this but I won't be can go to the Billy Graham website and see a good amount of my photo's that I was HIRED to take. Yes, you read that right. Remember this little post? Not that long ago I shared about a dream I have, and already I have had movement. I believe this movement is God driven and a confirmation that I am pointed in the right direction.

One of my besties works for Decision Magazine and she got ahold of me and asked if the people from her internet dept could use any of my photo's of the flooding. She hadn't seen them yet but figured I had some. lol. well, I had gotten a TON of great ones and her internet dept folks went crazy for them. They liked them so much that they hired me to go out with their chaplains (yesterday) and take more. So I spent all day yesterday following these beautiful people around as they were praying for folks and giving people bibles who lost everything in the floods, it was a great day. Well, the Decision Magazine folks liked what I did yesterday and they are now hiring me to go around with Kristen who is coming on Sunday for a few days, to take more photo's with her for a 2 page spread in the next issue. AND their creative services dept loved one of the pics I took yesterday and it is going on a publication/flyer they are creating that will go out to 250,000 people.

I have to say, this is just a silver lining. I am feeling the responsibility of clearly helping communicate to people who are not in Nashville, what is happening here. I believe if people understand clearly then they will do something to help. The devastation is wide spread and deep. The clean up is going on and that is a good thing, rebuilding has not even begun and who knows how long it will take.

It is more than a little overwhelming to look back through the photo's. It is all still so fresh. I think as I feel the muse of writing and blogging I will add in more pictures and stories of what I have seen and heard since all the flooding began. Until then here is a small taste.

Monday, May 10, 2010




Jamie Willow

ma ma ma ma ma ma ma



Toddler Teacher

Clerk at Metro Pharmacy w/ my friend Rachel!


Richland, WA

Minneapolis, MN

Nashville, TN (current)


Water, which was never true until I had a baby and was nursing.

Sprite/Sierra Mist any lemon lime soda...YUM!








Anna Maria Island, FL

a disney park


all things Taco Bell

anything hot out of the oven

anything someone else cooks me




eye liner


Judah waking up smiling every day

Every time Lance comes home

the future!

Three people I'm tagging:

Lynda (aka my mom!)
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Sunday, May 09, 2010


I took Judah and went to where Lance has been volunteering. I strapped him in his stroller, gave him lots of snacks and water and parked him under a shady tree in the yard of the home that was being worked on. I was able to take my camera and walk around and attempt to capture some of what I was seeing. One families loss. Multiply it by thousands and you can get a small taste of what life is like in Nashville this week. I will post photo's later this week.

The homeowner, the wife, came up to me and asked me who I was with and I told her I was there to see Lance and asked if it was alright if I took some photo's. She said it was more than fine and proceeded to start crying while talking about how Lance has made all the difference for her and her family during this crisis. She said she would never forget him and would hold him in her heart for as long as she lives. So of course I started crying too.

Her husband was walking around talking a ton of pictures too for insurance. He stopped and talked to me for quite a while. I asked him a lot of questions and he just talked and talked. I think in these situations just having someone to listen to you is huge. It is just to much to process alone on the inside. Beyond just their own loss, someone from the community who had driven onto a bridge that washed away ended up being found in their yard. 21 people have died in this flood. More may be discovered. Even people who have lost all their worldly belongings have perspective because it could have been worse.

Him and his wife both are police officers. They have seen the worst. They have an edge because of it. They were literally facing the prospect of a 28,000$ clean up with needing 10,000$ of it immediately before the process could even start. They didn't have the money for something like that. They were asking themselves how it would even be possible and feeling beyond hopeless when all of a sudden a load of people climbed out of their cars and asked how they could help. The husband shared with me that he was shocked and asked how they knew about him, "how did you know I needed help?" and the volunteers just said "your name was on a list...what can we do?". Two days later the house was stripped down to the studs. Ready for the next phase and they had time to do things like dry out baby pictures and try to salvage a few things, like the husbands fathers service flag and other things you can never replace.

My dear sweet husband literally poured himself out for a couple days doing hard manual labor and it was more than that. It was a helping hand to people who were at their lowest point in every regard. High emotions. Grief. Loss. Tears. It was an investment into hope and healing.

We made a decision to postpone visits to our families that we had planned, have been planning for a long time. We are needed here right now. It is overwhelming if you look at the whole big picture, but if you look at each situation and dig in and help you can make a difference. Our church helped 256 houses...countless people...this week. I have no idea how many houses total were lost but 256 of those families were invested in this week. I pray that the number only increases.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Serving those in need

50+ team leaders getting their orders for the day 4 @crosspoi... on Twitpic

Lance is one of 50 team leaders volunteering with my church for flood relief in one of the harder hit neighborhoods of Nashville. He's on the right with a hat on in this photo.

So proud of all our church is doing to help those in need. What one team of people are doing in a couple days for free, there are contractors trying to get hired to do for 10,000$. If we can save some of those families 10,000$ right away that is huge.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Mega Swagbucks Friday

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

more Anderson Cooper

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and here is my senior pastor with Anderson Cooper....they spent some time together today in regards to all the floods...

Anderson Cooper Visits Nashville

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My church, Crosspoint, has been doing a TON of relief work for this flood. Lance had a chance to go today and help too. Anderson Cooper is doing a special report tonight on CNN and he was here today, this is a picture of him with one of our pastors, Ryan Bult (also a friend of mine, was our small group leader). I thought that was pretty cool. I don't know if they will show what our particular church is doing to help or not but I am sure the local church in general will be spoken about, they are doing a TON all across Nashville. It is wonderful to see.

Thought this would be fun to share!
All of this flooding and the losses people have experienced are breaking my heart. It is emotionally overwhelming to hear things like "look in the trees for missing people"...because their bodies are still not recovered and that is where they probably landed after the flooding. How can you not feel emotional hearing that?

And to find out that people you know from church no longer have a home and have been staying in a shelter. It is just so wide spread. Even if you weren't directly effected you were effected.

It is just so very sad.

Monday, May 03, 2010

a little closer

When there is a disaster, or a tragedy, or a loss...I think of those closest to me.

This week in Nashville we have experienced a huge natural disaster of flooding.

This week I went to a funeral for a friends mother in law...such a sad loss.

This week I have friends experiencing major tragedies in the loss of homes, cars, belongings, livelihoods.

It makes me want to hug those I love a little closer. Judah probably feels a little smothered over the last few days with all the extra hugs and kisses he's gotten. I have never cried so much as worrying about Lance traveling in the flooding conditions. I made him hug me a few extra times when I finally got him back. I think he was rolling his eyes but it was a great moment for me to have him safe at home.

It makes me want to hug those I love a little closer. Only problem is, most of those I love don't live near by so it's all phone calls and internet. Which for the most part is sufficient, it eases the ache of wanting people closer.

But there is one ache that can't be eased as easily. The one where I haven't seen my dad in over a year...since Judah was born. He doesn't use a computer, he can't text and he can't even hear me to talk on the phone. I am completely cut off from him. I guess in normal day to day life I don't feel it as strongly. But in the midst of this week in Nashville...I am feeling it. He has dementia so even time spent with him in person isn't the same. But at least I can hug him. I miss that. I miss my mom too, I was blessed to see her recently in St.Louis...I think that may have been the longest I have gone between times of seeing her too. But like I said, phone and internet take that sting away. Thank God for that.

It will be interesting to see how Nashville will do in the very near future and how it will fare in the long term. I can't imagine it will be easy.

Lance, Judah and I went out today for a bit of sight seeing. I feel bad even saying that but it was so nice to get out of the house...being here alone for several days with out even the option of a change of scenery had me at my wits end...anyhow, we took a ton of photo's. I will try to post some in the next couple days so you can see what I saw. hopefully my mom will show my dad those photo's and he can at least get a little glimpse into what I am doing, even if I can't talk to him. And God willing I will see him soon if things go as planned.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Pray for Nashville

So much rain. So much flooding. So much loss.

We are fine. Many others are not. Please pray.

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. ~Langston Hughes

It's a rainy day in Nashville. Tomorrow everything will be greener. But today it is dark and wet. Rainy days make me want to sleep, I can hear the lullaby it sings and I want to drift off to dream land. I think maybe I will....


So Much to Love

I love people. I love bright eyes. I love my sons, Judah & Lucas. I love laughing. I love my ringtone. I love love. I love Jesus. I love tattoos. I love milk. I love creative expression. I love smiles. I love Philippians. I love bridges. I love my house and haven. I love a rainy night. I love doing nothing. I love almonds and banana chips. I love music. I love cowboy hats. I love Anna Maria Island. I love (diet) dr.pepper. I love a good story. I love wildflowers. I love to fly. I love rod iron. I love babies. I love going to the movies. I love midnight. I love allegra. I love sunsets. I love long kisses. I love the color red. I love starshollow. I love community. I love doing life with friends. I love witty banter. I love I love my family. I love pretty things. I love cruisin' with my girls. I love remembering when. I love authentic individuals. I love hot tamales. I love when kids giggle. I love Lance. I love bonfires. I love finding people I thought I'd lost. I love yard sales. I love tacobell. I love seeing people do good. I love violins and steel guitar. I love driving to the airport. I love seeing people around me succeed at their dreams. I love being included. I love flipflops. I love blogging. I love long talks. I love dreaming.

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