Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day in July

My alarm clock is the sound of sweet baby J waking up.
I usually stumble into his room half awake to find him hanging onto the
edge of his crib waiting for me.

Most mornings he is happy but today I must have left him alone for to long :)
First things first, I nurse him while I catch a few more winks and gradually wake up.
I love how he flops his legs over mine and gets cozy.

J Byrd is happy as a lark to start the day off with nursing :)

When he's done getting milkies he tries to find his dad...only today
dad is at work so instead we tickle fight and then get up to start our day.

Judah loves to toddle out into the living room stopping to play a
little before we head to the nursery to change his diaper.

Some good reading material for while mom takes care of his business :)

uh oh, I have bed head. bad. oh boy.

A little Curious George in his play pen while I check my email.

Time for some kissy face kisses before we have breakfast!

Oh dear, I forgot to vaccuum last night...what a mess...

this is an upside down picture of my
have set my camera down recklessly...

A little cereal for breakfast...Judah is loving this new ritual in our day...
he loves his cereal!

see! look at that smile!

at this point I usually pull out itunes and we dance while he is pretty fun..

dancing while eating cereal sometimes leads to milk on his face...

toesies! he loves to put his toes up while he gets the last of his cereal...

time for his morning nap! he gets positively giddy to
snuggle up and nurse, look at that smile!

oh how I love those eyes

"what's with the camera mom?"

oh goodie! nap time is here! he snuggles up with his favorite blankie...he's a total Linus.

And it looks like baby J found his way into my
once clean laundry is now pulled all over the floor...figures.

Next up is my shower...I'm trying out a few new conditioning products...
my hair desperately needs it...oh the joys of summer heat
and sunshine and pool water....

towel head!!!

All clean and ready to talk to my husband for the first
time today, always love to say hello while he is off flying.

left over lunch...mmmm...

and look who is up from his nap! all smiles, I love that.

This is our fancy dancy white noise maker...I turn it on and off with my toes :)

time for the toddler wiggle into your pants time of the day...he is such a wiggler!

He likes me to read to him while he flies past me, I
usually only get about one page worth of reading in before he's off.

Judah's hiding place for his cupboard...

he saw me find it and had to come check on his treasures...

While he's off with his airplane I found his ball too :) figures, where
there is one treasure there is likely more!

Judah's favorite lunch, tortillas and cheese. yum!

Here I am doing some glamorous recycling removal...emptying the bag
into the big ol' bin. good times.

Here I am doing some glamorous dishes...

oh yes, and here I am doing some glamourous laundry...are you jealous yet?

Judah keeps busy reading while I do more glamorous things...

like the glamorous vacuuming I do...

and the glamorous view I have while on my hands and knees cleaning
(I totally hurt my knee doing this btway...bad rug glamorous)

oh, and let's not forget the glamorous cleaning off of all the kitchen counters...

I spent so much time doing glamorous things that my bubby needed a snuggle...
(note the HUGE sparklers waiting to be used up...oh how fun!)

Time for some play pen fun, Judah plays good by himself...which
was good cause this particular day I spent a lot of time texting with my sister...

Time for dinner! fancy food.

Even I love me some mac n cheese :)

after dinner Judah wanted me to put his shoes on him...aren't they cute?
his auntie Ash got them for!

I was pouring Judah his bath and he was thinking
about which direction to run to get away from me...

He went right....and chasing a baby with a camera in
hand makes it a little harder to catch them...

He got pretty far, and the giggles...oh the giggles...
I love a good Judah chase :)

I caught my little monster and off we went to take his bath!

He likes to stand in the tub, which gives me a
heart attack...I say "sit Judah sit" about a million times every bath.

Mommy brushes teeth first...

Then Judah uses the tooth brush as a toy for a few minutes...

...before brushing his own teefers! good boy Judah!

No bath is complete with out splashing mommy and getting her all soaking wet...

Time for jammies and good night kisses!

Bubby loves to bite his blanket on our way to
nursing...thank heavens he doesn't bite while nursing ;)

a little milk drunk and ready to catch some zzzzz's...

every night we say "ni ni" and blow kisses while I walk out the is super sweet.

and now I sit down with an iced tea...

and some cookies...
I end the day picking up the house and winding down...
tonight I found a few of the missing baby items from earlier tucked
into the bottom of the clothing hamper...Judah is a good helper :)

All in all it was a great day! This is what many many many
of our days look like when it is just Judah and
me at is very laid back and happy.


So Much to Love

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