Saturday, January 22, 2011

baring it all

No. There are no nakey pics here. Just a truth telling.

The topic? My weight.

Please don't hate me, but I have never struggled with it before. If anything, I needed to gain at different times.

But it's a new day. haha!

I gained 55 lbs when I was pregnant. By the time Judah was a yr old I had lost it all. Thanks to breastfeeding I didn't really need to adjust my diet much at all. It just came off with time.

And then I gained 5 lbs...Judah was nursing half the time and I was still eating like a full time nursing mom.

And then I gained 5 more lbs...I guess I just figured if I ignored it it would just go away. Logic is not always logical people!

And then I gained 5 more lbs....and my pants were tight. Oh Lordy.

I drew a line in the sand.

I am down 8 lbs since I drew the line...that leaves me with 7 more to go...and maybe a little more after that if things are going well.

I have officially cut out anything that would be considered "drinking my calories"...of course I still drink milk, but in moderation. And tons of water.

This cup actually keeps me drinking water. I do not know why. I'm sure there is something psychological about it. ha!


It was a christmas gift. Thanks honey!

I am working to not snack when I am bored...or in the evenings...ayaiyai...I love to snack so this one is hard...adding a few healthy snacks into the mix is helping.

I am also turning into a calorie counter. I have literally never once in my life looked at how many calories were in there is a rather large learning curve on this one.

I am using a sight called....Calorie Count...go original I one can accuse them of false advertising ;-)

It has been really nice to see and keep track of what I am putting into my "tank" (food is fuel is my mantra).

I am also putting to good use our Elliptical. I talked to my brother who is a fitness expert and he talked me through a plan of action on "The Beast", as I affectionately call it :) Now to work the plan!

So that is another one of my fun (dripping with sarcasm here people) January things. Why must it be such a drab month?

I am working towards keeping my current pants and not buying a bigger size. I am working towards having more energy and feeling good about myself. I am working towards health.

Wish me luck!


Katie said...

Good luck, Jamie! You can do it! Love that cup, by the way, I so badly want one, but none of my Starbucks have carried them for MONTHS! Ahh!

The Arnold Family said...

Yup. I snack when i'm bored. And I'm glad the cup works for ya. Don't lose the cup!! :)

I need to lose weight of course. I wanted to enjoy the holiday goodies more so I lat myself go. Now im back down to the weight I was before the holidays. Now...I need to lose lots more. :) Time baby time.


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