Sunday, January 16, 2011

feeling peevish...

Pet Peeve:

When someone is singing and they start singing louder and they pull the microphone away from their face, causing you to then hear nothing. Lame. Just sing into the dang microphone and if it's loud it's loud. Isn't that the point?

Seriously. Not something important but isn't that the nature of pet peeves?

Pet Peeve:

When someone leaves time on the microwave. Just clear it so you can see what time it is. It's especially annoying when there's like 1:30 seconds left and you think it's 1:30 and it's really like 4 o'clock.

Seriously. Not the end of the world but isn't that the nature of pet peeves?

Pet Peeve:

When someone has messy eyebrows. Oh man, I just want to get in their face and smooth those bad boys out. I just don't understand how that doesn't annoy the person with the messy brows.

Seriously. Who cares. And yet it bothers me. But isn't that the nature of pet peeves?

Pet Peeve:

When people are out in public and smacking and popping their gum. I'd rather be in a cow pasture hanging out with an actual cow than being stuck with a cow like human who has no manners. Ha! there. I said it. Close your mouths people.

Seriously. I think this may be on every persons pet peeve list except for the ones who do it. And again, isn't that the nature of pet peeves?

Pet Peeve:

There, They're, Their being used wrong. Oh man. Not cool. However, I struggle with the use of apostrophes and to, too so I guess I'm not perfect. But it still bugs me.

Seriously. With social networking and rampant tweeting and texting, it's bound to happen thousands/millions of times in a day. And yes, that is the nature of pet peeves...they don't always matter, they just are.

Okay. Got that out of my system.

Your turn. What are your pet peeves? hmm? do tell...

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Becca Groves said...

This is hysterical. I always think that I should make a list of mine, because I can never think of them not-in-the-moment. I'm going to start writing them down when I experience them...because this list is awesome. Thanks for (as always)a super fun post! :)


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