Sunday, January 23, 2011

I cheated

I totally cheated on my stylist. What can I say, I was not happy with the last cut she gave me and I just needed a fresh perspective...

...the worst part? I cheated on her in her own salon!!! ahh!! I was so nervous she was going to come in at some point while my hair was getting cut and ask why I hadn't scheduled an appt with her...but she never came in...phew! what a relief.

So here is my new cut...


This is straight from the salon, I will of course attempt to style it myself tomorrow and it will look nothing like this.

She definitely fixed a couple of the things I was unhappy with about my previous hair cut. I can tell that already even before I've gotten my own hands on it.


So now what do I do? Schedule appts with the new girl or go back to the old girl? she wasn't bad, she's given me several really nice hair cuts...but I really liked the new girl...oh boy, I have gotten myself into a mess. haha.

ps. I took these pics with photo booth so I'm all backwards and that is always a weird thing to look at a pic of myself like that..did I mention I am backwards looking? haha I'll stop now..

have you ever cheated? and been caught? and yes, I am really only talking about hair stylists on this you feel the need to confess anything else and then go right ahead...


Jodi said...

I think it's adorable, Jamie! And, yes, unfortunately, I have cheated and it was in the same salon and eventually the other gal found out because I kept going to the one I cheated with... It's hard but you have to be happy with your stylist.

Lyndee said...

There are things that you need committment for but haircuts are not that. If I get a bad cut then I am looking for a new stylist. I have jumped around and back in a salon. It is about my time, my money and my satisfaction. They are selling a service. You can just love a stylist for her personality and have things in common but if you get a bad cut or she is not available when you want a cut then jump to the next possibilty.

Andrea said...

Looks cute! I love short spunky hair!

My hair stylist lives two hours away, she's one of my good friends though..... and sometimes when I can't schedule a trip I've gotten it cut by someone else. One time I cheated and had another girl color my hair and I saw my real stylist who's my friend a couple weeks later and she was like did you get you hair colored? Then I had to confess that I cheated!

They always know those stylist...!! :)

Alicia Marie said...


I have two stylist... a super amazing wonderful but very expensive one...and one that trims it up and cuts my son's hair. I go to Noelle a couple times a year for the best haircut known to mankind...and it lasts for months. (the benefits of long hair) When I can't afford her at the moment... i get a cheapy trim and hate it...
But it is true... those stylist will know!

Melinda said...

My current hairdresser is my niece/Goddaughter, so cheating is DEFINITELY out of the question. However, I did have one stylist (my last one before my niece became a hairdresser) who told me that she would find me and let me have it (yes, she actually said THAT!) if she ever found out I was cheating on her. And she wasn't joking.

The salon I was going to fired her shortly thereafter, which made it much easier to have my niece do my hair. Getting a nice haircut is always more enjoyable when you aren't looking over your shoulder.

Burkinator said...

I like! It's always hard to decide... I think stylists are entitled to a bad cut once, but after that, it's dicey.

Katie said...

LOVE your haircut!!! Darling!


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