Friday, February 11, 2011

blessed and blessing

Have you ever had someone do something for you that just made all the difference? Because I have.

For instance:

I needed to buy a car. I had no idea what I was doing or how to go about it and the truck I was driving was pretty much at the end of its limits. So a friend let some folks know what I was needing and someone gave me a donation of money that blessed my socks off and another person loaned me a really really nice car for about 6 months so I could save up and not have a car payment for a while.

For instance:

I was new in town and didn't know anyone. And I was sick, really really sick (pregnant...same thing). My neighbor, who was also new to town, knocked on my door. Regularly. She visited me. She invited me along to do things with her. She invited me for dinner and even spent Christmas with me when I was alone for the holiday. A few times. She offered friendship when I needed it most.

For instance:

I had just spent a week in the hospital (dang and when I got home I found a gift that had arrived in the mail. It was a slanket. A blanket with sleeves. It was a simple gift that when I put it on made me feel wrapped in love at a time I was feeling my worst physically.

For instance:

I was discouraged and feeling overtired and overworked at my job. I still loved it, but I was honestly just tired (mono probably didn't help...). I came back from a week of doing something (I forget what) and discovered that a group of friends had painted and decorated my office in a way that made my work space feel so wonderful and special. I was rejuvenated and excited again to come to work every day. I still have the lamp that was given from my boss/senior pastor to help make my office homey. I will probably keep that thing for a long time because it just reminds me of what those folks did for me.

These are just a few instances that come to mind. I have many more examples of ways people have blessed me and made an impact on my life. From money to time to gifts to patience to you name it. The ways we impact those around us and how we are impacted can be vast.

And in the spirit of what all those people did for me, I love when I have a chance to "pay it forward". I had a chance today to do something for someone I care for. It was a "full circle" kind of a moment for me. I knew that the reason I was able to do what I did was because of what others have done for me.

I have been blessed and that has made it possible for me to be a blessing.

I remember watching a "Friends" episode on tv where Phoebe wanted to do a good deed and be completely selfless while doing it. Only she couldn't succeed at it being completely selfless because it made her way to happy to do all of the good deeds she attempted. :) It was just so rewarding to do good things for other people. And if something is rewarding it isn't exactly selfless...well, that was her premise. And I totally get it.

How have you been impacted by someone in your life during a time of need? How have you paid it forward? feel free to comment and share! I'd love to hear about it. Or maybe this will inspire a blog of your own...that would be cool too :)

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Lance Lockhart said...

It is at times hard to draw attention to these deeds, but they are encouraging to others. Love you heart. Lance


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