Friday, February 04, 2011

watching over angels...only...not...

So Judah and I went out today to go to our favorite little neighborhood is usually a huge hit...but today it was kinda packed and the story time was endless...which just doesn't work with a squirrley toddler....or 10, cause seriously, there were a lot of little people there today.

So we cut out as quick as we could with out being rude and headed next door to the restaurant that is attached. I ordered us some food and Judah spotted the Thomas Table so I let him down to go and play with the trains.

There was another gal there with these adorable twin boys (holy cow they were cute) and their big sister...turns out she was the aunt...she was clearly out numbered and not used to it. haha. So I offered to watch the twins so she could help the big sis go to the potty. I could tell she wasn't sure if she "should" but the potty dance forced her to trust me.

She headed off pretty shortly after that and then it was back to just Judah and I hanging out.

Judah has started telling me when he is going poop. He usually tells me after...but today he told me and then I could see him start making it happen (if you know what I mean. ha!)...I offered quickly to rush him into the potty so he could go on the potty...he was all excited but sadly it was to we utilized the koala changing station instead. And as I was dealing with poo and a squirrley toddler in a public restroom I was so distracted that it took me probably a full five minutes in the restroom before I realized who was watching me...

10 eyes...staring...watching over me...reminding me of a time in my life when I was horribly awkward...and making me kind of wish I could go back to such carefree moments...back when I had the right stuff...and less poo...


And it was a HUGE sized...

And then I started laughing.

Thanks boys...
I could almost hear them singing as I walked out of the bathroom...
"please don't go would ruin my whole world..."

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Elizabeth said...

Oh the days of obsessing over boy bands!

Remember that time we ran into DC Talk in Minneapolis?


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