Thursday, March 17, 2011

a smattering

immense amounts of craziness since I was on here blogging a week ago.

Lance's dad is in poor health.

My dad is in poor health.

Judah had the pukes while we were in a hotel in San Antonio. And somehow managed to get a black eye and stung by a bee.

Other things going on that are not blog/internet approved as well. It's just a crazy time of life and taking it a day at a time.

I am looking forward to Judah's birthday. He is turning 2 in less than a month. I am more in love with that kid every single day.

I am praying there isn't a funeral before then. But only God knows.

I need a pedicure. I need to sleep for a week. I need to pray more. I need to stop eating hot tamales and eat more green peppers.

I feel random. I am a mixed bag of emotions and focus.

I am watching American Idol while I type this. I love music.

I miss my sister.

Could Taco Bell taste any better? I mean really. I so love that place.

I hope you are doing well...leave a comment once in a while why don't ya? a girl can start to feel like she's talking to herself out here all alone...


Mrs. B. said...

Love you so much...
I feel scattered and crazy and...well...I don't even know what. But I feel it.

I think we need a hug (from eachother) and a great big pile of tamales and then chocolate chip cookies after that.

;) xo

Katie said...

I love Taco Bell, too. :) ENJOY. Sending you hugs from CA.

Melinda said...

You definitely have a lot on your plate right now...I'm praying for you and hope that you get to enjoy that Taco Bell :-D

Becca Groves said...

I'd say, embrace the hot tamales. If I were you, I'd even head over to Walgreens and buy 3 boxes for 3 bucks. It sounds like there is lots going on and if hot tomales are hitting the spot, then so be it.

Isn't it strange how life comes in waves....and sometimes things are calm and other times it is just too, too much. Praying for you, friend.

Burkinator said...

I actually have three large boxes of candy (including a box of Hot Tamales) that I was going to send via Heidi on their visit that didn't happen. I'll get those in the mail. Wish we could hit the 'Bell together, but in lieu of that, call me anytime ...except while I'm in Africa, cuz, well, neither of us can afford that, even on on T-mobile.;)

Miss you so much some days I can feel it in my guts. You guys will make it thru all the crazy. Just make sure you wrap that kid up in bubble wrap.

The Arnold Family said...

*HUGS* Jamie.

Sarah said...

That is a smattering. I too, feel the same. Too many thoughts- not enough time or words. Keep hanging in!! Our babies are going to be 2?!?!? How did that happen?!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Praying for you guys ((HUGS))

Beth said...

Love you, friend. And miss you SO much. Wish we could sit down and just have a good talk. Hugs.


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