Saturday, April 23, 2011

April showers...

had our first ultrasound, baby was waving his/her arms was cute. all of this yuck has a purpose...I try to remind myself of that so I can keep a good attitude. It is not easy though. just being honest.

April Showers....

I feel like April has been one long shower of yuck. Pregnancy is just not nice to me. I am 10 weeks and feeling wishful/hopeful that it will truly only be first trimester I am this yuck.
Oh yes, and Lance is having knee surgery next week. Nothing major, but enough that he'll be needing some TLC. April is just not our month this year.

May Flowers....

please please please let May bring flowers and no more showers...

Judah looks at me and asks "frow up mommy?" all concerned and if I do, he pretends like he is too. I guess it's nice to have a little commiseration :) to bad his diapers are killing me these days...phew! good thing he's so cute :)

On another note...I ate an orange today that was divine. so delicious. most of the time my taste buds are not kind to me, but the oranges are workin'.

Oh yes, and I cry all the stinkin' time. The hormones are raging :) watching the final season of Oprah is not helping :) hehe

good news is we have a renter for our house in Mpls. it's a June 1st rental, so it will be empty a month...not ideal, but better than empty longer.

Last night my little bro and his family had a tornado touch down on their least it looks like it and sounded like it...they were hiding in the basement. They only lost some trees, shingles and a fence. Their neighbors were not so lucky. I was crying when I found out. I just kept thinking what I would have done if something had happened to them. Oh Lordy I am glad they are safe.

I guess those are the highlights of my little life. I don't go anywhere cause driving in a car guarantees me getting sick. So I stay home and I'm wearing out our couch currently. Judah has had some friends take him for play dates and we've had folks come over and help us out which has been a blessing.


Desirae said...

Hope you feel better soon Jamie! Just think, when you see your new blessing for the first time and hold him/her in your arms, you'll forget all about all the puking right then and there! Praying your morning sickness goes away soon!

Rae Nolt said...

I think of you often and wish I could come and take Judah to play with Easton for you. And bring you more oranges....

Lots of prayers your way!!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Hope you are feeling better soon and I hope Lance's surgery and recovery go well.


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