Sunday, April 10, 2011

double trouble

Well Hello Blog friends/family/lurkers, it has been way to long.

So this will be a bullet point update sort of a post...quick and getting us all up to speed...hopefully you will comment and tell me how you are doing! Not only have I not been blogging, I haven't been on facebook or anything really that keeps me in the loop on people's lives.

I went to WI to visit my parents...wasn't sure what to expect since my dad had previously been on his death bed. But the first day I was there he was up playing I guess that is good. lol. He is holding on and you know he feels better when he gets grouchy so I guess until the next time he gets sick, this is his new normal.

I had planned to stay longer in WI but here's the thing...dun dun dun...I am pregnant. Yup. As of today I am 8 weeks and 4 days. I wish with all of my heart I could say that it is a breeze this time...however...that would just be a lie. I have thrown up several times a day for almost a week now. I feel awful and I am discouraged because I was SO hopeful it would be different this time. I guess I am just praying it only lasts the first trimester instead of the whole pregnancy like last time. I'll take that if that's all I am offered.

Judah turns two on Wednesday. I am just so happy to be his mommy. Although lately he likes to call me "jamie" so whatever. ha. he's very cute when he does it and he is insistent that that is who I am when we try to correct him. So we'll see how long this phase lasts.

Anyhow...we had a really super fun party today and I will post more pictures and stories from it later, but for is a picture of little jbyrd with his cake:


I wish I had pictures of all the adults with blue mouths afterwards. lol. that icing was potent.

I am excited to have another child...but to be honest, if I could skip the whole pregnancy thing I would. I totally would. It is just evil to me. Please please pray that it subsides. I would greatly appreciate it.

So that is the latest and greatest in my little life. I hope this finds you well!


Burkinator said...

That cake is awesome! Hope Jbyrd had a wonderful day. Give him an extra kiss from Auntie Kristen. :)

And I am praying that things get better for you really fast...

Blah Blah Blah said...

The cake looked great! Happy happy baby day, praying for you so hard, I know how icky you felt before.

Lyndee said...

Grinny wants cake! LOL! Love you all!

Rae Nolt said...

SO excited for you! AM praying you will not be so sick. Praying. Praying. Praying. I don't enjoy pregnancy that much either. Sad to say. I could sleep ALL the time. And I will not post the rest of my issues on here...HA!
Happy birthday Judah! Love the cake. Just tonight...I was craving cake....and that one looks amazing!

Mrs. D said...

That cake looks like a little boys dream cake!!! I'm sure Judah (and everyone at the party) enjoyed it! I really hope you start to feel better when the second trimester starts ... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

The Middle Child said...

I wonder why your body doesn't like pregnancies. I felt so badly for you last time hearing about how sick you were all the time. I certainly hope you don't have to deal with it the whole time again.
Little Judah is cute with his cake!
I am happy for you, hope the next 7-ish months fly by for you.
Many hugs!


Alicia Marie said...

Yay! Congrats! I am sorry you are feeling bad, but hopefully it will be over in a few weeks.

Greatest Thomas cake ever. My son would die to have that cake... he has already warned me that he NEEDS a Thomas cake for his 3rd birthday.

All these babies are getting TOO big!

The Arnold Family said...

Congrats Jamie! You are such a good mom, and Judah will be so blessed to have this sibling. Praying all your yuck subsides. NO fun!!

So glad to hear about your dad doing better.

Melinda said...

Woo hooo! Congrats!

j said...

I feel your pain - being pregnant stunk for me too. I wanted to love it - but couldn't. All I can say is the harder they were on me, the easier they've been to raise (so far). Hope you feel better soon!


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