Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One day at a time...

I was just perusing the HER website...this list made me's basically where I am at. It is hard to keep positive when you feel all of this. But I am trying. Our motto this pregnancy has been "One day at a Time".

I started on the zofran pump yesterday. It is emotionally draining to stick a needle into your stomach every day in a new spot and try to heal the "site" where the first needle was. But I didn't throw up. So I guess it's a small victory in a way.

I do want this baby. I just wish I had a fast forward button.

I do so appreciate the support people have offered...helping with Judah, helping around the house...I would be a total mess with out it. Heck, I still am, but a grateful mess.

Gotta go change my syringe. sigh... :(

  1. Be aware of what may make her feel depressed, guilty, anxious and/or frustrated and try to proactively resolve or minimize their influence:
    • Lack of understanding & support from others
    • Inability to take vitamins, or eat healthy
    • Taking medications perceived as risky
    • Missing out on the "fun" of being pregnant
    • Loss of a "normal" pregnancy
    • Lost work days or quitting work
    • Putting life "on hold" for many months
    • Longing to eat and drink normally
    • Money expended on care and support
    • Lack of energy and severe fatigue
    • Irritability and lack of enjoyment in life
    • Memory loss or inability to think clearly
    • Burden of care and time on others
    • Lack of socialization (i.e. isolation)
    • Inability to prepare for birth/arrival of baby
    • Inability to care for family and home
    • Wanting to terminate the pregnancy to end the misery
    • Other's perception that HG is only in her mind
    • Loss of hope that nausea will cease before birth
    • Fear of painful treatments or being force fed
    • Reluctance of doctors to treat due to cost or liability
    • Weight loss or inadequate gain for gestational age of baby
    • Fluctuating emotions due to hormones and illness
    • Sense of inadequacy and failure at being unable to cope or function
    • Fear of harming baby or more difficult birth
    • Fear of morbidity or death
    • Difficulty bonding with baby
    • Lack of energy and socialization for kids
    • Lack of excitement about baby's arrival
    • Dreading the prolonged recovery time


Julie said...

Jamie, I'm so sorry that your body rebels so much against being pregnant! I don't know exactly what your pump system is like, but I know all about having to change sites and wait for others to heal, so if you ever have questions or just need to vent, I'm here! I'm praying for you!

~CMS said...

Oh Jamie...I hate that you are going through this :( I love helping you out - please don't ever hesitate to let me know the best way that I can do that...

Alicia Marie said...

Been praying for you lots lately. Hopefully your pump will help and let you enjoy your little man and life again. The good news is this is only for a season. It will pass.

Lacy said...

Jamie, I've been praying for you! I pray that this truly does not last much longer and you can be the mama you need and want to be. My heart goes out to you!

Lyndee said...

I know this is terribly hard and disappointing that you have the nausea and heartburn to the max. Glad you are getting some comfort from Job. I am praying and thinking of you many times each day. I long to encourage you somehow but do not want to be a pest. I dearly wish I were free to come and help you so you didn't feel so out of control. I too live day to day with the situation with your dad. Trusting God and being alert to possibilities is the only way I can go forward. Love you tons!

Mrs. B. said...

I am so so sorry. It's really hard to have you going through this and feel so powerless to help in anyway. I'm thinking about you lots and praying...other than that I feel like a useless by-stander.
I can't wait until the little one is out and you are recovering. You'll be yourself again! You'll have energy again! You'll be smiley and giddy and capable again! I promise, this, too, shall pass. Until sucks. Majorly.
Love you. Love love love.


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