Thursday, September 29, 2011

My sweet heart

One word almost everyone who meets Judah uses to describe him is "sweet"...and that is because he really genuinely is.

He does things like:

kiss me on the cheek when I don't feel good and say "you fee bwetter mommy?"

sees something he likes and say "is nice mommy, is nice!"

jumps up and down and say "I can't wait! can you wait?!"

laughs at things like a loud truck, scrunches his face up and fake laughs "hehe, it's funny mommy, it's so funny!"

sits in the back seat of the car and sings along to our kids music CD and laughs hysterically when the background singers say "quaaaack, quack quack quack quack"...or when his dad recreates the quacking, he can't stop giggling. It's hilarious.

he is a charmer too...last night we were watching TV and Jennifer Garner was on and he says "she's pretty! that's Hannah"...which it totally did look like our friend Hannah who he adores...she loved getting my text about that one :)

He's declared "I like girls" a couple as almost all of our friends have little boys these days, it was especially funny.

The other day we went to the park and he saw this pretty mom who was there with her son and instead of trying to play with her kid...he followed her around the park and kept bringing her leaves he found on the ground and gifting them to her...she was really nice to him and thanked him every time he brought her a "flower" leaf...and he chatted her ear off. I wasn't sure if I should make him leave her alone or not, but she didn't seem to I let him crush on her for a little while before I distracted him ;)

Don't get me wrong, he has a sour side too....especially since he's currently teething (dang molars come in already! sheesh!) but his sweetness more than balances it out.

And how sour can it really be when your kid says "No Thank you mommy!" when he doesn't like something? lol...even his sour is kinda sweet ;)

I adore my little Jbyrd. I really treasure him.

I need to do a better job writing down the funny things he does. Luckily, the grandparents have all gotten to see him IRL lately, so they have gotten first hand knowledge of him. But I want to keep track in writing so when he grows up (like a week from now) I won't forget the sweet things he does that make me smile and make me happy to be a mom.

Here's an awesome picture of him with my socks is his pose for the camera...
have I mentioned he cracks me up?!


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Melinda said...

What a sweetie!!!!


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