Friday, November 25, 2011

God is good and life is sweet!

For all those who want the details of Lucas Wylde's birth story, here ya go!


So my due date came and about frustrating. I was feeling so uncomfortable and tired. I knew he was big. And I knew he was getting bigger by the minute. I was really looking forward to my next doctor appt where we would decide what to do next.

The night before that appointment I started having contractions regularly. Every 8-12 minutes until around 2 in the morning...then they tapered off and I went to bed...the next morning they were like 20 minutes apart and I was losing hope.

We went to the doctor appointment which started with an ultrasound. The ultrasound tech kindly asked me how big my first baby had been, I told her Judah was 9#13oz and she said, "so you've already had a big baby, that's good...this one is measuring at 10#14oz" um. awesome. I had figured as much...I mean, Judah was huge and he was born a day early. I was almost 5 days late with this babe, so of course he was bigger!

Well Dr. Storck brought up c-section which I said no to right away. I knew my body was made to have big babies and wasn't worried. She agreed and then asked when I wanted to induce..."um, how about NOW!" ha. She asked me when I had last eaten and the next possible moment they could induce was at 5:00 pm. So we agreed to the time and off we went!

Judah was with a friend for the morning and my sister, who was just coming into town was going to pick him Lance and I had a last "date day" to pass the time. I got a mani/pedi and then we went and saw the movie "Real Steel" It was a really fun way to pass the time. And during the movie my contractions were back to being around 8-10 minutes apart.

At my doctor appt I was dilated to a 2 and when I was admitted to the hospital I was at a my body was getting ready which was good.
By 6:00 I was hooked up to my IV (bless the kind nurse who did it where I asked so it wouldn't hurt) and I had my epidural in place...ahhh sweet relief.

Let's talk my epi with Judah was bad, I know that now. I didn't know it then. I had no range of motion and little to no feeling at all during the entire time it was in. My epi with Lucas was ideal...I could move my legs a little bit, I could feel everything, but had no pain. It was awesome. I could hug those anesthesiologists...they were great.

Around 11 o'clock I started really feeling the wasn't painful but it was uncomfortable and I knew my body was ready...I was also obsessing over the fact that I was STARVING all know that I have suffered Hyperemesis this whole pregnancy, eating has been a challenge but a necessity in order to keep the nausea/puking at bay. I reached a point of hunger that I knew I was going to throw up...and I did. So that was awesome. But the nurses took it as a sign that maybe I was ready to start pushing, so they set my room up and we got going.

Lance went over the game plan for counting and pushing with the nurse so we were all on the same page, and we were ready...both Lance and I thought it would take a while...I pushed for 2 hours with Judah...and this baby was supposed to be big. We really thought it would take some time.

However, 14 minutes later it was all over! It would have been over sooner, but the doctor wasn't in the room so they made me stop pushing (ha, as if that's possible) and kept hollering for the doctor to "HURRY!" lol. Next thing I knew, Lucas was crying and they laid him across my body while they cleaned him up and took care of me.

We had asked to do delayed cord cutting for the benefits of the remaining pulsing blood that passes into the baby when you wait (lowers anemia risks among other benefits) and the doctors were more than happy to comply as it is part of their standard practices now (have I mentioned I love my doctor?) Lance cut the cord and they took Lucas and did all the things they needed to, including weighing him.

We were all super curious what his weight would be, we even ventured guesses in the lower 10# range...we were all surprised when the baby nurse showed the scale as 11#1oz...what a big boy! and what a cutie. totally chubby and sweet :)

I only had 2nd degree tears (compared to the 4th degree ones with Judah that took me forever to recover from) and I really felt good all things considering.

My recovery has been 100% better than my other recovery. I was up and walking with in a couple hours. I guess Judah blazed a trail for this one ;) that's what the nurses kept saying. ha :)

We were able to get out on Thanksgiving and head home for turkey and pie with our "Nashville Family".
Such a blessing and so so so much to be thankful for.

I was treated like a hero at the hospital by all the doctors/nurses/other moms because I gave birth to an eleven pound baby (and 1 ounce people! don't forget that extra ounce! ha!) which I found to be slightly entertaining. I guess because it happened to me, and it wasn't that bad, it doesn't seem like a big deal...although, when I think about it, it does. Hard to

I am really really enjoying Lucas. I will post pictures and tell the story of Judah and Lucas first meeting later on :) It was sweet.

We are nursing and it's going really good. I was a little sore the first day, but we have already worked out the latch and it's going great.

I am just so happy to be done with pregnancy and to have my little family all under one roof. The next month will be so fun, with the holidays and family visits and lovely memories. God is good and life is sweet!


Melinda said...

I'm glad that you had such a great birth experience with Lucas! I found the 2nd time around to be much easier--both during the birth and afterwards!

And I LOVE that your OB's name is Dr. Storck!

swedefinn7 said...

Thanks for sharing, Jamie!]

I love hearing birth stories!

Congrats and blessings,


Blah Blah Blah said...

14 minutes-YAY!! I was hoping it would go faster for you this time. I pushed for 10 with Noelle and had a 3rd degree tear but also bounced back nicely. I was shopping at Target the day I got out of the hospital!
So happy for you Jamie-second babies RULE!

Ashley said...

Yep. You're a hero and pretty much will be until the end of time whenever you say the weight of that boy. :) Settle in and enjoy hero status. He is beautiful. I'm so happy.

Reagan King said...

I love that "Judah blazed a trail for this one ", so funny! Great story! Also loved that you went to the movies contracting. That's awesome. Can't wait to meet the "big guy"!

Becca Groves said...

Your different epidural experiences are so interesting to me. I still count mine as one of the happiest moments of my life, and I'm so happy Lucas's sounds just as successful!

He's adorable. Love a good birth story. Thanks for this. Thinking of you during this time of everything tiny and new!

Rachel said...

Congrats, Jamie! So glad to hear the new addition came safely and quickly. :)


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