Wednesday, July 20, 2011


(my dad holding me when I was a bitty baby)

My dad worked in the oil field for years and years. One of my very earliest memories from when I was barely 2 yrs old, was sitting at the window in my house, watching my dad wave and drive away to go to work (for a few weeks at a time) and crying. Being so incredibly sad that he was leaving. I know as I got older I was more used to it, and we would sometimes even go with him to the oil rigs for a visit.

I have to say, when I found out my dad had passed away on Sunday night, I felt like that same little girl. Sitting at the window crying, watching my dad leave and knowing I couldn't go with him and how much I would miss him until I saw him again.

Yes I am happy he is no longer suffering.
Yes I know he is in heaven and no longer stuck in an earthly body that is working against him.
Yes he is no longer struggling with dementia.
Yes I am glad that the long good bye is over and he is in a better place.


I will miss him.

So much.

And I am sad. I am more eager for heaven than ever before. Maybe I should be more eager for heaven just because of Jesus alone, but I love that I will also get to see my dad again and that it will be a sweet reunion.

For some reason this song just brought me a lot of comfort. Yes, it's Elvis...and it is a bit cheesy...but it's nice.

We are heading to WI tomorrow for a weekend of family time. I am glad to see my siblings and to hug on my mom during this time. As expected as it was, it's still strange that it is finally here. It was a long good bye and I am happy that I had as many chances as I did to spend time with him in the last few years. Saying good bye one last time will be bittersweet for sure.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Potty training success!

Once upon a time, about when Judah was 20ish months, we started potty training.
And you know what? Judah was doing really good.

But...and there is always a butt isn't there ;)

around 24 months, I started puking, and hadn't really stopped until recently...
he's now 27 months.
So I basically quit potty training him for those 3 months. I just couldn't do it.

But now that I'm feeling more human (thanks to my zofran pump) I decided we were going
to go for it again. And this time Judah was more than a little bit ready.

We started the "neked" method...bare bum rush to the potty every 20 min noon he
was doing pretty before his nap, I put big boy undies on him and we walked to Rite
Aid to buy supplies for a potty chart. He asked to use the potty while we were at Rite Aid and
so of course we rushed to their little bathroom in the back of the store and he was a champ! I
was super happy our little 20 min outting didn't result in any accidents.

So while little man napped...I got crafty...


This little chart was in one of the potty books we had acquired, made my job easier :)


I got it on the wall and ready to go by the time he woke up from his nap.


He doesn't look to impressed...probably cause he was still so sleepy.


He gets to pick which color star to put on the chart and then where to place it.
He thought that was pretty great.
He clicks his tongue while he's deciding what color star. It's adorable.

We are on day 6 and I couldn't be more happy with our progress.
We had 3 solid days of being home only doing potty stuff, and on the
third night we went out to dinner and he used the potty twice, no accidents.
On day 4 we spent almost the whole day out and about and no accidents.
Day 5 was a little rocky, but it was also the first time we left him with someone
besides us and so I wasn't to surprised he had a few accidents.
Today is day 6 and again, accident free.
I think we are onto something!


I'm super proud of my boy!
Go JByrd!


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