Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Jbyrd the big brover

Judah is so sweet to Lucas...he gives him kisses, puts his cheek on Lucas's head and says "I wike him mom, he's nice" He also says "he's my baby, not yours!" in typical bossy 2 yr old fashion.

Unfortunately over the holidays, Judah got the pukes twice. Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. And the week in between he was coughing a lung and burning up with fever. I am not convinced he is completely over it all yet either. We knew he really didn't feel well because he was behaving. ha. He's a naughty little jbyrd normally.

I really think there needs to be a support group for parents of two year olds. If your two year old was an angel...well, count your blessings and give a mom with a naughty two year old a break ;)

I just know he'll turn sweet again...please God, let him be sweet again. Not that spicy is all bad, he cracks me up sometimes with how bossy he is and the sassy things he says. But don't tell him I said that. Besides a bossy sassy pants, he's also a ham. If he thinks he can get a laugh out of someone, he goes for it.

I wish it were possible to capture in a picture or video the looks and faces he pulls when he's trying to persuade you sweetly to do what he wants...those eyes can get him out of trouble if used properly...and he knows it. ha.

Today he yelled from the kitchen (I was in the living room working on something) "babe? where are ya? babe-mom?" I was cracking up. Lance calls me babe so I guess it makes sense.
With all the family we have had visit over the holidays, he heard us called all sorts of things like Auntie and Uncle and daughter and son and cousin and such. So he started calling us by our names again (I broke him of the habit one time previously). Or calling daddy "Uncle Lance" and when I say "no, what do you call him?" and he knows the answer should be "daddy" he can't help it but says "daddy Lance"'s his way of getting away with murder. lol. and since he's not good at the letter L yet, it sounds more like "daddy wance" and it cracks me up more. oh boy.

Our routine has been out the window for a while now...the last few weeks of pregnancy and then since Lucas was born have been anything but routine. And we are suffering the consequences of it. I am trying to get back into being very intentional about being in a routine that works, it's not easy though with a new born, but not impossible. Judah needs structure and with out it, he just gets to be larger than life and not in a good way. I am hoping that with less sugar (way to many holiday treats in our house) and more structure, some of the sass will go and more sweetness will return. Wish us luck.

I don't want a day in Judah's life to go by where he does not know and hear that I love him. I try to tell him every day and of course show him. Because I do. Seriously. Love him more than I can ever put into words. He's my joy. Even at his most terrible, I love that kid to pieces :)


"wrap me like a burrito mommy!" haha...oh I love that smile :)


Lyndee said...

You are a good mom, intentional and wise and loving. It is hard to be a mom and do it all and get it right. They come into the world, these precious kids, with their own slant and their own destiny. We just try to keep them safe, teach them a few manners and pray for God's best for our darlings. We love them too much and we give them grace much of the time and God knows our hearts. It never stops, this loving the kids and being totally enthralled with their special qualities. <3

Sarah said...

I can relate to this post on so many levels!! Routine is critical- and newborns mess it alllllll up. We went through it each time a baby came in, but things to get back to a new kind of normal. I have found as well, threes can be harder than twos :) Brace yourself momma! (Fours and Fives are much smoother sailing!)

Melissa said...

Ha I love the blogs! Judah is too cute for his own good. I bet he gets away with a lot LOL! I might be coming down to TN in February or March to be with my mom after she has her knee replacement done and perhaps I would get a chance to visit you & family and cuddle Lucas and experience the 2 yr old LOL! Take care!

Alicia Marie said...

Boys. Two year old boys. They are loads of fun...and lots more. Jack has his sweet moments now...but not like he did before we had Colin (and he turned 2 and than 3) So, I think there is hope on the horizon...but I am still in the trenches with you. Except my sweet baby is now a naughty toddler....but oh are those boys worth it!

Burkinator said...

I can just see and hear it all in my head. I do know some amazing three and four yr old boys these days, so there is hope... ;) The Judah Byrd sweetness will resurface!


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