Thursday, January 12, 2012

Less is more...I hope.

I have never been a big talker. I remember my mom trying to get me to talk more when I was a kid, but I was just more interested in listening and observing. It's not like I never talked, I just wasn't a chatty girl.
This is still pretty true of me, although I do try to be more vocal now.
But the reason I was thinking about this today is I was praying for my babe Lucas who is still fighting off a cold...going on 6 weeks (he's only 7 weeks old)...and I started wondering if God thinks I'm to quiet when I I need to say more than "please help my baby boy feel better, please lord" or should I be saying more. I know lots of people who pray and pray and pray...long prayers. Of course comparing isn't good but this is more theoretical than thinking of a specific person.
Is my simple prayer enough? I know the answer is that yes, it is enough. But as someone who has always been a little quiet and I know it bugs people, it just made me wonder if it bugged the big guy too.
Lol. I'm laughing at this post now, just realizing that you can't change a zebra's stripes. This is me. Quiet me. I know God created me this way, so surely he doesn't mind my short prayers.
Okay. Glad I worked that out, blogging does wonders in helping me "think out loud" way of being more vocal...with out talking. Lol. I'm done rambling for now.

Please say a short or long (whatever works for you) prayer for Lucas to get better...thanks!

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Lib at Truly His said...

I am very talkative but married a man that doesn't talk unless "he has something to say." :) I have seen the beauty of both and honestly I wish I was more like him (or you) in that matter, but more than anything...God knows your heart and how He created you to be - quiet and lovely. :)

Burkinator said...

It's funny, but I've never thought of you as a quiet person. Maybe it's just because we're close. Or that I talk enough for both of us. :) Yeah, that's probably it ...

I say if you think God is prompting you to talk to Him more, that is never a bad thing. But He's also said that He's not impressed with lengthy and wordy prayer. He's more interested in motivation and heart. But you know that ... so I'll stop talking now. Hahahahahaha.


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