Friday, January 06, 2012

What my toddler will eat..

I thought it would be good to document at this season of Judah's life what he will eat. It won't take long:

Baked Beans...this article made me feel better about it being one of the staples of his diet..


Mac-n-cheese...but ONLY the kind that looks like this picture, if it's any other kind of noodle, forget about it. Even the ones shaped like cars or dora or sponge bob do not make the cut.


Hot dogs. This one worries me, not gonna lie. I try to buy the healthier hot dogs (oxymoron I know) but he is really picky about what kind of hot dog he will eat. It can't have tough skin, so the beef ones are out...and he won't eat the ends of a hot dog cause they are "squish" and that is not okay for the jbyrd.

Fun Nuggets...we do not call them chicken nuggets, we call them dinosaur nuggets and he bites their heads off and then their tales, their tummies may or may not get eaten...depends on how hungry the dinosaur devourer is. These only get eaten like once a week if we're lucky and it's very dramatic.


Besides those items, he will eat Lite and Fit Vanilla yogurt and applesauce...and occasionally grapes as long as the skin doesn't look funny. He's a huge fan of Pringles. He will eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or a grilled cheese sandwich (sometimes). And for breakfast Lance can get him to eat pancakes and oatmeal. The only breakfast cereal he will eat is Frosted Mini Wheats. Sometimes he'll eat a cheese stick, but often he takes one bite and declares them yucky.
Oh yes, and he loves burrito's from Taco Bell (hold the onions please). Yup. That's my boy.

Once upon a time I thought if I made his baby food, introduced him to lots of flavors and yummy things that maybe he'd be a good eater. But that was a pipe dream. So I will continue to warm up the hot dog, mac-n cheese and beans (but not to hot cause if they are even a little bit hot he will refuse the entire meal)...even if it's for breakfast, I guess I should be thankful he's eating at all...I know moms with an even shorter menu.

What does your toddler eat?

ps...we started giving him a Flinstone vitamin every morning to keep him from getting scurvy,(j/k..kinda) thankfully he actually likes them.


Melinda Ott said...

My daughter is going through a picky period as well. Sigh! At least you can get Jbyrd to eat vitamins--we've tried the chewables (like Flintstones) and the gummies, and she refuses both of them. I even tried the drops by putting them in juice and that REALLY didn't go over well!

Andrea said...

Ava goes through these crazy phases where she eats one thing all the time for weeks, and then doesn't want it suddenly. it's the weirdest thing.

Lacy said...

Man, it's rough trying to figure out what they will and won't eat, Hakan changes his mind about things on a daily basis. One day he'll LOVE something and the next day won't even try it. Right now his fave things are rice, black beans (we may eat at Chipotle...a lot), meatballs, chili, hotdogs w/ketchup hold the hotdog, any kind of pasta. Lately he's been pretty bad about veggies, but that's what he gets for snack if he doesn't eat them the first time:)

I think you're doing great, he's eating so it's a win:) Vitamins definitely help too.

Becca Groves said...

I am going to add "Squish" to my foodie vocab.

When Ivar doesn't like something he will look me in the eye, say, "Uh Oh" and toss the food as far as he can. Unfortunately it makes me giggle, but I'm working on that for the sake of consistency.

Beth said...

I am thankful to have a relatively non-picky 2-and-a-half-year-old! He will try most anything, but he doesn't love things that are "mixed" - i.e., chicken pot pie, etc.

But he loves spaghetti/pasta, pizza, tacos, most fruit, some veggies, and yes - the staples of hot dogs, mac and cheese, and bananas. :)

And somehow we've gotten into the habit of eating a bran muffin every morning before school. He loves mamas homemade bran muffins (I make them on the weekend and we freeze the rest to eat during the week!)


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