Friday, February 17, 2012

smaller is the new bigger

so I was thinking tonight...

my world has never been so small.

I go days at a time where my entire world consists of a kitchen, a living room, my room, Judah's room and the bathroom. That's not even my entire house.

On a good day, when Lance is home, I go to fancy places like Kohl's or Home Goods (love).

Once upon a time I went on cruises, I had work parties, I met "the girls" for lunch, I had movie nights at an actual movie theatre. I orchestrated events where hundreds of kids showed up and walked away happy.

but now my world consists of two kids, my two kids.

and my world has never been so big.

the joy of watching Lucas light up with a smile at the sight of me.
knowing Judah is happy and learning new things all the time.
snuggling up with Lucas while he nurses and grows bigger every day.
seeing how proud Judah gets when he masters a new skill, like potty training (finally!).
listening to sweet baby giggles.
hearing my boy say "you're my sweetheart mommy" and giving me smooches.

more than my world is bigger heart actually is. yup. just like the grinch, only I wasn't all grinchy before.

I know someday I will again do things like go on cruises and meet "the girls" for lunch and other great things that will get me outside the walls of my house, but for now I am more than happy to grow my world in a different way.

In a lot of ways my world has gotten smaller, but in the important ways it has only gotten bigger. And I am grateful.


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Burkinator said...


I haven't been on any cruises lately, either, and I don't have nearly so good an excuse.


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