Thursday, March 08, 2012

it's just him

Having two children makes you want to do something...I'm not really sure what to call's not really comparing....just noticing what is the same and what is different...that's not comparing right? ;) I feel like the idea of comparing is when you compare you have to pick which is better and which is worse. So that is why it's not comparing. Just noticing what is the same and what is different.

I notice similarities and differences in my boys. It is what makes them unique and what makes them family.

Lucas has been a good sleeper from day one. I kept waiting for him to change, but he's just a really good sleeper. It's great.
I did crazy things to get Judah to sleep...and quite frankly, he's almost 3 and still wakes up in the night a couple times a week. It's just him.
Lucas actually fell asleep in a jumpy thing...just sitting there playing one minute and the next he was drifting off to dream land. Judah never did anything like that...ever. We declared it a baby miracle when Lucas did it...but really, it's just him.


Both my boys are charmers. That is something they are very similar with...both are/were socially aware from a really early age. Both of them know how to smile and win hearts. That is just them.


It really is true that first born's are like the experiment child...or the one you learn it all with and the 2nd born gets a much mellower mama. Ironically, when I go to Lucas's doctor appts my doc asks me about Lucas and I never have any questions...but I always end up saying "well, Lucas is fine....but Judah is blah blah blah and I need to know blah blah blah". ha. Basically I am learning it all for the first time with Judah and using my knowledge to not stress out about Lucas.


I really love being a mom. I feel euphoric sometimes looking at their sweet faces. For real. And when they get all lovey dovey towards each other I almost melt into a puddle of mush it's so darn cute.


Beth said...

Love this post! Both on its own merits and as someone who is expecting Baby #2. :)

J said...

It really is amazing. I can see you melting into a puddle of goo :)


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