Monday, April 16, 2012

Judah-isms from when he was 2

Judah turned 3 this last week...sob...cough cough...I'll be okay...sigh...

Anyhooo...I've been keeping track of some of his funny little sayings. Now that he's turned 3 he hasn't magically started saying them all right, but some of them he's learned the correct way to say...proof he is getting bigger...(pardon my crying....sniffle...)

So here ya go, just for fun:

Goofy is "Goopy"

Back pack is "pack pack"

Thunder is "under!"

Wash cloth is "cwoff cwoff"

Tortilla is "tia"

Whatever is "wever"

Granola bar is "nola bar"

Ready, set is "ready, steady"

huff and puff and blow! is "huff and chuff and blow!"

binky is "pinky"

winnie the pooh is "pinnie the booh"

Did/Do your kids have any fun sayings?


Katie Allegretti said...

Audrey called backpack "pack pack" too. :) So cute. The words kids say are adorable. Luc still says, "fings" for things. And Audrey says, "sugaring" for shivering. I find it endearing. :)

Ashley said...

We have "pack packs" at our house too. :)

We have plenty of funny sayings but I can't bring any to mind now that you ask! Isn't that always the way? ;)

Do you remember when Beck used to say, "Aw, SHOE!" (and point at his foot) for "Aw, shoot." ? Cutest.

Beth said...

Super cute. I love all of these. Park has some cute ones too... Can't think of any off the top of my head though - LOL - but you've challenged me to try and write them down and capture them for future reference. :)

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