Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love my kids to distraction!!!


Sometimes I get this vibe from our culture that being happy to be a mom and loving our kids to distraction is frowned on.

"Don't post too many pictures of your kids on facebook/twitter/instagram...don't be 'that mom'" 
I would argue that each moment is precious and so many of our families and people who want to be included in our lives live so far away, the more the merrier I say!

"Don't gush on and on about the amazing things your child does because it might seem like you are bragging and trying to one up a friend who also has kids."
I would argue that we should celebrate each others children and not make everything a competition and create a need to apologize for being proud of our kids.

"If you spend tons of time with your kids, you probably aren't focusing on your marriage"...the date night clan tries to assimilate you.
I would argue, my husband and I have been forced to communicate about things and at a level we never would have if there wasn't a tiny negotiator pulling us in different directions at all times, my marriage is growing stronger by us becoming a parenting team.

"If you aren't independent of your children you will lose your identity as a woman."
I would argue that the second we find out we are going to bring a child into the world, our identity changes...and not in a bad a way where our hearts and our lives and our perspectives grow!


I try to shake off the feeling of being judged for loving my kids...and there are moments that come along that only make that easier.  Lucas making a monkey noise. Judah winking. Lucas pushing wooden blocks across the living room and clapping at his success.  Judah asking for one more "mad kiss" while I give him a "wobbly kiss".  Seeing Lucas on the scale at the doctors office and knowing he's growing strong.  Watching Judah ask the doctor to listen to his heart. Seeing the boys respond to their daddy as he says good bye and leaves to fly. Feeding Lucas peas and carrots while his brother insists he only wants a tortilla for dinner. Reading bedtime stories, nursing Lucas as he drifts off to dream land.
And these moments were only from today...and only a few of them.

My heart overflows daily with love for my kids...and guess what? it comes out in pictures I put on Facebook and Instragram, it comes out in tweets about how awesome my kids are, I kiss my husband a couple extra times because he's so sweet to our children (while they watch) and I revel in the fact that these children are little pieces of my heart, pieces of me, walking around in the world.

I guess I'm a rebel, I happen to think it is a privilege to raise the next generation, and that this life as a full time mommy is full of things that need to be celebrated and shared!
Golly, I love being a mom.


Katie Allegretti said...

Could not agree more! Being a mom isn't a competition, it's a celebration! Loved this post, Jamie!

Lynelle said...

Great post Jamie! I agree with all you said!

Jessica Rose said...

Yes! Very,very well said! I think we all get wrapped up in comparing when it comes to Facebook etc. (Moms or not) Why is it so hard to celebrate and be truly happy for someone else?

Beth said...

Great post! Love you, mama/friend. :)

Courtney said...

Really great post! Miss you! :)


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