Monday, October 22, 2012

something I currently am in love with

Round Bathroom Rugs.  I love them. So much.  For real.


I bought one for my master bath and it made taking showers dreamy. It was a white one like in the picture. Today I bought another one for the kids bathroom, it has a couple stripes of the color blue around the inside edges.  I seriously love them.  They make me happy every time I see them.  I think it's just because they are round, and round things seem more fancy...I was obsessed with round cribs for a while, but they are so incredibly expensive I never could justify it, so we have a boring square crib for the boys. The round rugs are making up for it.

It's the little things people. The rugs pictured are not mine, but just like them.  Showing a picture of mine would require me getting up, taking a picture, uploading said picture and well, that was just too many steps for me tonight. So a quick google image search and vwala. Here we are.

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j said...

I was obsessed with round cribs too, until I realized that not only were they expensive, but they took up every single inch of my baby's "not-round" room. The rooms they show with those cribs in them must be just revamped high school gyms.


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