Wednesday, November 14, 2012

wait, who am I talking to again?!

Judah talks a lot. Like non-stop. It's great cause he's smart and learning and all of that, but it also tests my patience to levels I never knew I could be tested...cause it's not like I can just smile and nod, he requires interactive talking...and sometimes a mommy just wants 5 minutes of time to think.

We take "quiet breaks" in the car, mostly because whoever is driving needs to be able to concentrate on driving instead of all the we are all confined in one space so nerves get rattled quicker.  Usually the "quiet break" is full of "can I talk now mommy" moments, so they aren't really all that quiet...but we try.

All that to say, today as I was yelling (sigh...yes, I yell) in the car "Judah! Stop being so IMPATIENT!!!!" as he was asking me about when something was going to happen and asked me about 7 times in a row...I questioned whether I was yelling at him or at myself.  Because in that moment, I had lost all patience. All.

Judah got quiet for about 10 seconds (an eternity for him) and then he said "mommy, you are talking really sassy to me". ha. it was true, and I had to apologize for yelling and being "sassy".

It is a challenge to teach your child patience, when you are learning the lesson right along side them.



~CMS said...

Oh my gosh, I can totally just hear that coming out of his mouth! Teachers are all around us, where we least expect them, and often in the brutal honesty of a child that hasn't really learned to censor their thoughts just yet. :)

Jamie Willow said...

so so true Christy!! he teaches me many things and I love him for it...even when I lose my patience :)

Katie Allegretti said...

Ohhhhh how I could have written this post. Luc talks NON. STOP. N.O.N. S.T.O.P. Did I emphasize enough? He drives me nuts. I lose my patience often with him because even "just hold on a sec, buddy" does not work for more than exactly second. And he starts in again. I'll be really glad when he outgrows this non stop thing. But then, I'll probably miss it. Ain't parenthood a hoot?

Becca Groves said...

Sassy. That is so stinkin funny.

Our battle lately is "stop it"

I know I started this one (where else could he learn it?) So when I am changing his diaper, trying to put his shoes on, wrestling him to put on his coat, he continues to tell me to "stop it!" Needless to say, this is getting him in big trouble...but leaves me at a loss for words. I would like to say, "Ivar, STOP IT! You cannot speak to mama that way. So, Stop it." But somehow that seems like it would be ineffective. :)


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