Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY diaper cake

The first thing you do in making this diaper cake is you roll a bazillion (roughly 100) diapers. (tip: open the diaper up and then roll it)
That is the most time consuming aspect. Good music helps it go fast, or a girlfriend helping works too. Use tiny baby girl rubberbands to keep them rolled. It's like 3$ at Walmart for a few hundred of them.


I got like 5 or 6 yards of tulle and just hot glued it in bunches to the bottom of the cardboard base (covered in pink tissue paper). I then sat it on a cake stand for display. I hot glued the pink ribbon to make it pretty and to cover up the hot glued area visually.


I also hot glued the 2-liter bottle to the base. I just eye balled the center...which wasn't really i the center and I had to compensate later with the diaper placement. ha. perfect is boring people.


After I sort of balanced the first round of diapers I anchored some string to one diaper that I held in place, then wrapped the string around the balanced diapers to secure them, then added more diapers as I kept wrapping the string around. It's hard to explain, and maybe you will figure out a better method. Good luck.


I added another "base" or tier to the cake and repeated the process (this piece you need to cut a hole in for the 2-liter to fit through). And eventually a third tier.


I forgot to take a picture, but in order to hold the "animal blanky/lovey" I added a 16oz water bottle to the top tier for it to rest on.

I covered the thread with a pretty ribbon I chose and liked.


Then I added all the fun elements that made it into a gift and a game. You don't have to be so lavish with added items...it's still pretty impressive with just the ribbons, shoes, tu-tu and topper.

Anyhow, if you have any questions, just ask. I am not a DIY kinda girl and I'm not a teacher either, so this may be a little confusing.

Anyhow, it was fun. It was a hit at the shower and I'm glad I bought a hot glue gun ;)

pretty baby...coming up

I was going to be helping throw a baby shower for a friend, I ended up needing to do it solo at the last sec as someone else's baby decided to come early...and thanks to Pinterest, I was able to pull it off with style!
With Pinterest at your fingertips and really, the whole world wide web...there are no excuses for throwing a boring party.

Veggie tray? I think not...now it's personalized veggie cocktail cups with a tomato and olive skewer garnish. Yup. Say that ten times fast.


I gotta say, the cocktail veggie cup resulted in almost everyone eating their veggies. An added bonus ;)


This was supposed to be a flower...I was a little rushed, so it isn't really that great compared to what I intended...but it tasted good, so there.


The baby shower was the day after St. Patty's, so of course I ran across a rainbow fruit plate idea. I have to say, the tiny white marshmallows with the fresh fruit, was the perfect little sweet twist to the yumminess. I had a ton of extra fruit even after making this, so I also just threw the rest together in a bowl for when this tray was eaten up.

Have you ever wanted to drink up your bubble bath? ha. well, I figured out how that was possible. Ducky punch.


Not only was this punch adorable, but it tasted really delicious. Yum!

Here's another view:


(Have you figured out yet that my friend is having a girl baby? I've gotta say, I was having WAY to much fun with all the pink...ahh...jealousy).

I totally stole a diaper cake idea from a friend of mine back in MN (Jenny B shout out!)...and ran with it...what do you think? This was my gift to the mommy and baby...it was also a game. I tossed a blanket over the top and people had to list off everything they remembered seeing, of course whoever remembered the most items received a gift in typical baby shower fashion.


I had SO much fun making this cake. I know I've claimed to not be a DIY kind of gal, but I broke down and bought a hot glue gun so I could make the tu-tu. Yup. I'll post a separate blog with an "inside" look...I'd say it was a tutorial of how to make it, but I am no teacher.


Here's the whole spread.


As much fun as it was putting together all of the "pinterest" elements to this gathering, the ultimate goal was to make the mommy feel special, loved and prayed for. I hope it worked. I appreciate Katie's friendship and I am excited for her and her growing family.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

feeling a little off...the wall...the charts...hmm...

do you ever just feel "off"? I do. In fact, I've been "off" for a few days now...I don't know what my deal is. just doing weird things like clicking "decline" instead of "answer" on accident on my phone...buying the wrong sized plates for something...mis-understanding something kinda major and giving myself a heart attack...tagging everything in blue when it needed to be in white...dropping things off with people who aren't home when I thought they would be...knocking over food and spilling things. I could go on. and on.

maybe I need a little mini-vaca. a little ocean toe dipping. I'm sure it would do the trick. to bad reality and dream land have no plans to collide any time soon. ha.

could be I am a little sleep deprived...my normally happy sleeper is having some teething pain in the night so is waking up more often. we all pay the price for teething ;)

I should mention, Judah is cuter than ever it seems. Yup. I didn't think it possible, but he's cuter. I made him wear a little hat to keep the sun off his face and he looks like a Newsie...he's so cute I just wanna kiss his face off.

And Lucas keeps sticking his little tongue out and blowing raspberries. He's so sweet.

yup, a little ocean toe dipping sounds good right about now, with my cute kidlets.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

selling memories

oh my goodness. so I decided to participate in a consignment sale.


but I'm glad I did it, because I need the cash for another car seat and I don't need to have so much stuff hanging around my house.

I went to the pre-sale tonight and I saw people buying things I had put in the sale and all I could think was "oh I remember when Judah wore that!" or "Lucas was so sweet in that outfit". I felt like I was selling off our memories :(

Not gonna lie, I had the urge to grab it all back and hug it. lol. Yes, I have empathy for the people on Hoarders cause "I get it"...but alas. I want to make room for some new memories and that requires me to let go of the old ones. I do have some of the most sweet, most memory filled things tucked away...but no one needs 200 pieces of clothes, no matter how many memories. ha.

I do feel good that the things I loved are now on their way to new families and new babies making new memories. I feel like I sent a little bit of our full hearts and lives out into the world.

Oh it's just stuff. But it definitely felt like more than stuff as I was watching it being sold off...

Is it hard for you to let go of the things your kids have used and loved?

Thursday, March 08, 2012

it's just him

Having two children makes you want to do something...I'm not really sure what to call it...it's not really comparing....just noticing what is the same and what is different...that's not comparing right? ;) I feel like the idea of comparing is negative...like when you compare you have to pick which is better and which is worse. So that is why it's not comparing. Just noticing what is the same and what is different.

I notice similarities and differences in my boys. It is what makes them unique and what makes them family.

Lucas has been a good sleeper from day one. I kept waiting for him to change, but he's just a really good sleeper. It's great.
I did crazy things to get Judah to sleep...and quite frankly, he's almost 3 and still wakes up in the night a couple times a week. It's just him.
Lucas actually fell asleep in a jumpy thing...just sitting there playing one minute and the next he was drifting off to dream land. Judah never did anything like that...ever. We declared it a baby miracle when Lucas did it...but really, it's just him.


Both my boys are charmers. That is something they are very similar with...both are/were socially aware from a really early age. Both of them know how to smile and win hearts. That is just them.


It really is true that first born's are like the experiment child...or the one you learn it all with and the 2nd born gets a much mellower mama. Ironically, when I go to Lucas's doctor appts my doc asks me about Lucas and I never have any questions...but I always end up saying "well, Lucas is fine....but Judah is blah blah blah and I need to know blah blah blah". ha. Basically I am learning it all for the first time with Judah and using my knowledge to not stress out about Lucas.


I really love being a mom. I feel euphoric sometimes looking at their sweet faces. For real. And when they get all lovey dovey towards each other I almost melt into a puddle of mush it's so darn cute.

Friday, March 02, 2012


So it was an interesting weather day.

Gorgeous blue skies, warm weather, breezy. Until it wasn't.

And suddenly I knew we needed to head for the cellar. I mean. If it was just me, or just me and one kid, I might not have. Because we could have moved pretty quick to take cover. But me with two kids? yeah. I knew I needed to go sooner than later...so we packed up a bag of essentials and grabbed the diaper bag and some blankets and headed for the cellar.

The cellar only has access from outside. By the time I gathered us all up, it had started raining quite hard. The door has to be lifted and then propped up with a piece of wood. You have to bend down to get to the stairs and then into the dirt cellar. I had put Lucas in the Ergo and was wearing him which turned out to be the very best idea I could have had. No idea how I would have done it otherwise. I probably wouldn't have been able to...not with out injury. So we got our money's worth out of that baby purchase all in the course of 40 minutes! And I was only sort of drenched...not completely. ha.


Lucas had just woken up from a nap...so he wasn't sure what was going on. But he was happy I was snuggling him. I got a little nervous though when his tummy started rumbling...I did not want to change a poopy diaper in the basement during a tornado. I was happy he held off for that...ha. Tornado or a blow out? which is worse? so not an easy answer ;)


Judah was having a blast. He kept saying "I wike this mergency mommy! it's fun!" Oh to be a kid again. Such blissful ignorance and innocence.

The iPad makes for great storm time passing entertainment.


So does the water table we had stashed away for the winter. Judah was having a blast.

After a half hour of loud storms and sirens and such, I was texting with my friend Christy who also lives in East Nashville and she said the worst had passed (she didn't have a basement...in fact, it's pretty rare to have one here). She was my light in the storm. Thankful!

I hauled just the kids out at first...after I was certain we weren't going to be heading back down, I went and retrieved our things. I am thinking a permanent stash of emergency supplies down there is going on the "to do" list.


I am glad we got through it, and I am sorry that it wreaked havoc on so many others. We continued watching the news coverage after we went back upstairs, it was crazy to see the storms carrying on so intensely.


The only effects we saw on our house was the grill had moved from one side of the patio to the other. We were kind of hoping it was smashed and ruined so we could get a better one...haha...but my husbands own handy work thwarted that plan...he recently made the bench that blocked it from falling and getting ruined. Guess we'll eek one more summer out of that rusty ol' thing.


So the reward for a storm like that is the sky afterwards...isn't it lovely?


A few minutes ago every tree was excited, bowing to the roaring storm, waving, swirling, tossing their branches in glorious enthusiasm like worship. But though to the outer ear these trees are now silent, their songs never cease.
-John Muir

Thursday, March 01, 2012

sweet reminders

I know that when you look at a new baby, a lot of times you see what you want to see. The dad's family sees the dad. The mom's family sees the mom. If you are holding the baby, people say it looks like you. On Tuesday's this one looks like me, on Friday's like you. And so on.

So knowing that, you can take with a grain of salt what I'm about to write about.

When I look at Lucas, I see my dad.

You know how they say you start as a baby needing complete care and love, and end your life the same way? Well, it's true. Assuming you live that long ;)

My dad lived a long time. And watching him turn back into someone who needed complete care and love was hard. Sometimes when I see Lucas needing the same things my dad did at the end of his life, I feel really sad. Lucas fumbling with his inept hands reminds me of my dad's hands at the end.

Specifically, Lucas smiles non stop. My dad was like that. Granted he was also a grump (particularly towards those doing his care giving), but with ME...he smiled.
And when Lucas gets tired, one of his eyes squints and the other watches you intently...just like my dad did. It makes me miss him.
And when Lucas's bottom lip sort of hangs down when he's relaxed. My dad did that. And (sorry to say) they both drooled..ha. And neither have/had teeth. Yup. The similarities are endless...and rather humbling. I know aging is not something people in our culture embrace, but it's still a reality.

I guess I just wish my dad could have met Lucas, but that's life. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they would have loved & enjoyed each other. That does bring me some comfort.


I guess I am just missing my dad. I remember more than just the end, but the end is still what is fresh. I remember when my dad's hands were sure and strong, not just the ineptness that came at the end. I remember when I was growing and my legs hurt so bad, he would rub my legs for hours to help me fall asleep and to stop the pain. He was a good dad. I am happy that my son reminds me of him, even though it can be sad sometimes. The true definition of bittersweet I suppose.

anyways...I wasn't sure I even wanted to write this blog out, but I have been feeling it and thinking it for a while and I guess it's okay. I hope it doesn't make my family sad to read it. We are getting together this next July, a year after my dad's passing, to memorialize the grave...his headstone will be placed and we will gather. It will be special to bring Lucas to that place. Shoot, I'm crying now. It sucks to lose a parent. It's amazing to have a baby. Having both happen in a short span of time connects them. Okay, I have run out of words. No catchy ending. Just good bye.


So Much to Love

I love people. I love bright eyes. I love my sons, Judah & Lucas. I love laughing. I love my ringtone. I love love. I love Jesus. I love tattoos. I love milk. I love creative expression. I love smiles. I love Philippians. I love bridges. I love my house and haven. I love a rainy night. I love doing nothing. I love almonds and banana chips. I love music. I love cowboy hats. I love Anna Maria Island. I love (diet) dr.pepper. I love a good story. I love wildflowers. I love to fly. I love rod iron. I love babies. I love going to the movies. I love midnight. I love allegra. I love sunsets. I love long kisses. I love the color red. I love starshollow. I love community. I love doing life with friends. I love witty banter. I love jessilynn.com. I love my family. I love pretty things. I love cruisin' with my girls. I love remembering when. I love authentic individuals. I love hot tamales. I love when kids giggle. I love Lance. I love bonfires. I love finding people I thought I'd lost. I love yard sales. I love tacobell. I love seeing people do good. I love violins and steel guitar. I love driving to the airport. I love seeing people around me succeed at their dreams. I love being included. I love flipflops. I love blogging. I love long talks. I love dreaming.

Always On My Mind

Welcome to my blog.  I am glad you stopped by!  I choose to write my thoughts and share the joys of my life in this forum.  I hope you will read and say hi when you can!  Blessings!
Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, and riches take wing. Only one thing endures and that is character. 
~Horace Greeley